Friday, November 2, 2007

My Little Dragon

We had a full day of fun on Halloween. It started with a morning at the doctor for me where Grant got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time. He was more interested in the tape measure and the gel they were putting on my belly. He asked what it was and I told him it was like jelly. He then asked if you eat it with pancakes. I have issues with the smell maple syrup, so Grant eats his pancakes with jelly instead. They had to draw my blood again, and he didn't like it at all that they were giving me a "boo boo." He covered his face through the entire thing.

After the doctor, we went to my old office to see some folks and we were supposed to have lunch, but Grant was really scared of the Wicked Witch so the lunch plans got called off. We went to one of the photo studios in town after that for their Halloween special and got his picture taken. He did great with that, but I don't have it yet to post. We went and visited Mammy at the hospital, where he got totally loaded up with candy and then we dropped by his Nanny's. By this time, both Grant and I were exhausted. I had to drive around town for what seemed like forever to get him to go to sleep though. In the mean time, I was having a horrible time staying awake.

After a nap and dinner, it was off to church. We had classes first and then Trunk or Treat. It always amazes me how much some people decorate their trunks. I don't know where they find the time! Once again, Grant was petrified of all of the scary costumes that the bigger kids were wearing. I had to look ahead in the direction we were walking to see if there were any costumes that I thought would freak him out. I hope next year he's not as scared of some of them because I kind of felt like I was torturing him, rather than showing him a good time. After way too much candy, Grant holed up in the back of his friend Rebecca's car and hung out. It was a VERY long day, but I think, for the most part, he had fun. He said last night after dinner, "Now it's time to go trick or treat." I explained that Trick or Treating was over for the year, and he looked at me and said, "It's Christmas time?" Soon enough, soon enough!! I'm hoping to start my shopping this weekend. Really, I'm just glad it's time to retire the Dragon costume. That thing takes up way too much room in his closet! I think he's pretty much forgotten about all of the candy that we now have....I wish I could do the same.


  1. What fun!!!

    Sounds like Grant had a good time with you at the doctor's office. He seems so sweet!

    My kids are having a hard time realizing that Halloween (their birthdays) are so far away. Fortunately we have new things to look forward to and get excited about.

  2. Isn't the blog world amazing? I just read through a lot of your blog and feel totally caught up!

    Congrats on baby #2! Do you have a name or are you not telling? If you had it posted I didn't come across it.

    Grant is so big and is sooo cute! We plan on moving Lawton to a big boy bed in January. It sounds like it is a big transition!

  3. We aren't totally positive about the name yet. I am still not totally convinced that this baby is a girl, so I'm not putting a name on anything until I see it for myself.

    The big boy bed is the best thing that ever happened to least in the last year or so! Grant loves it, and his stores lots of toys, so that makes it even better!