Wednesday, November 28, 2007

34 Weeks!

Baby Girl is growing by leaps and bounds! I cannot believe that she is due in just less than 6 weeks. This entire pregnancy has flown by, but now that the holidays are upon us and my focus is elsewhere, it's really going fast. I went to the dr. today, but nothing new to report. Everything seems to be right on schedule. I told her I just want to make it through Christmas and get my tree down, and she said she was confident that I would. I go back in two weeks and then every week after that. I cannot believe we are to that point already. Despite battling a bit of a stomach bug and some sinus issues all in the last week and a half, I actually feel really good. I'm not planning on running a marathon or anything, but other than just being ready for bed around 7:30 or 8, all is good!
Last night, when I laid down with Grant the baby was moving a lot. I stopped reading his book and told him to watch my belly. It was going crazy. He's felt her move several times, but I'm not sure if he'd really grasped what he was feeling. I told him that's baby sister moving around. He said, "she's poppin out!" He was totally amazed by it. When he was saying his prayers a little later, he said, "Thank you God for baby sister poppin out." So cute....He also thanked Him for the car we saw when were eating out last night that was "dressed" like Rudolph (the car had antlers sticking out of both windows and a red foam nose on the front).


  1. You look GREAT!!!

    Can't believe that you only have 6 more weeks. I am so sure that it will fly by with the holidays here.

    That is the sweetest thing about Grant! He seems like he has such a gentle spirit.

  2. Grant is too cute! The things kids say! I can't wait until Mitchell can start telling me what he's thinking. You are looking good, not too much longer!

  3. so cute-- i love the things they pray about. you look great--i have deja vu about my pregnancies--it's hard being due at the beginning of january! christmas is exhausting enough without a big belly!

  4. Chesley, You and the baby are in my prayers for a safe delivery. I love reading about what is going on.
    Love, Ms. Cindy