Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Baby Stuff

As I mentioned last week, some of my friends from church gave me a baby shower on Saturday. It went great, and I got lots of clothes and other stuff to get us ready to welcome our new baby girl. Surprisingly, I have not bought a lot for this baby. I am trying to be frugal, so I just stay out of the good stores. It helps that I don't work in the "big city" anymore because lunch break trips to the mall(s) are now a thing of the past. We just don't have quite the selection of stores out here that I was used to. I will admit that it's probably what I miss the most about my old job (except maybe a friend or two...haha!). Anyway, everyone gave us lots of great stuff, now we just need a baby. Although, I'm in no hurry! Here is a pic of me and the girls that helped put the shower together.

A couple of months ago, we painted both Grant's room and the baby's new room. I haven't posted any pictures of either because they're not totally done. However, the baby's room is as done as it's going to get until after she gets here. I want to get letters to spell out her name or get it painted on canvases, but I'm waiting until she gets here to do that (gotta make sure it's really a girl). I got a little basket for diapers and stuff to put on the dresser, but it needs her name embroidered on it. Once again, I'm waiting until she gets here. So the pictures are below, but the walls are a little bare. If you've ever seen the rest of my house, you know this is not like me. I think we had pictures hanging in our house the day after we moved in. I'm not a fan of empty walls, so I'm sure they won't stay that way long after "baby sister" moves in. After the huge amount of trouble we had hanging the three pictures over the dresser, I figured I'd just wait on everything else.

As far as Grant's room goes, there is stuff on some of the walls, but I've ordered some more, and I'm waiting for it to come in. If they ever get here and then his room is actually clean and the bed made, I'll post pictures of that too. He is really proud of his room these days. He shows it to everyone that comes to our house, even if they've already seen his "big boy" bed. I'm just thankful that he actually likes sleeping there.


  1. That is a beautiful nursery! And the shower sounds like so much fun. Except you need to be careful not to be corrupted hanging around that crew. :)

  2. Wow, we're all so grown up now. People havin babies and gettin married and all. Its all a bit overwhelming. My wife will be 11 weeks tomorrow I believe. Congrats on your second!

  3. I agree with Amy...that nursery is beautiful!!!

  4. Such a pretty nursery! Elisabeth and I were at Lipscomb together - happy to see her in your pic. Can't wait to see Grant's room. You did a great job with the nursery. I wish that I was as talented.