Monday, November 26, 2007


We had a great Thanksgiving weekend at home. I think I spent more time at my house these last 4 days than I have since I was on maternity leave with Grant. It was nice (though not really quiet and relaxing), but I'll have to say that cabin fever was starting to set in. Wednesday night, we started cooking and Grant and his mammy made Turkey cookies which he enjoyed eating all weekend long. His letters for his wall also finally came in and we hung to come later. We had family and friends at our house on Thursday for dinner for the 3rd year in a row. I love having people over and would like to entertain more, but our house just isn't built to have that many people in it. I wouldn't change the layout so much, but the size would just need to be increased in order to accommodate everyone. If any of my brothers ever decide to get married and procreate, we're going to have to move this shindig somewhere else. We are simply out of room! All of that being said, the meal was great and we enjoyed seeing everyone.

Friday was the most relaxing day of them all. I had seriously considered getting up and going shopping at 12 am but I was too tired to even consider it when it came around. I actually woke up at 5 on Friday morning and thought about it then too, but decided to lay on the couch and watch all of last week's Oprah's on the DVR instead....sad, huh?! That's really the only time to watch them is when the boys are asleep or gone. I LOVE my DVR!! We didn't do much the rest of the day. I sorted through bags and bags of baby girl hand me downs from by sweet niece and spent the rest of the night separating, washing, and organizing all of that so we were ready for our out of town guests on Saturday.

They got there just in time for the big UT/UK football game. My husband is the UT fan of all UT fans and our friends both went to UK, so that was interesting. Meredith and I actually left the kids with our husbands during the game and ventured out to the mall. Much to my surprise, we didn't hit any traffic and had no trouble getting into or out of the mall. We were gone for maybe 3 1/2 hours, but the marathon game was still going on when we returned. Apparently, our husbands forgot there were 3 kids at the house with them because the house was absolutely destroyed when we got home, and Grant met me at the door taking his clothes off.....never done this before! Order was quickly restored and then some of our other friends came over with their 2 sweet girls. Grant seemed to really love the babies (fingers crossed he likes ours too) AND got to take his first bath (and maybe one of the last) with 2 girls, and really enjoyed playing with all of them. He is such a little people person. He loves having people at our house and gets soooo upset when they have to leave.

Sunday morning after our friends headed to Gatlinburg, it was already too late for us to make it to church, so we decided to get our Christmas stuff down out of the attic instead. I didn't get everything out that I normally do since the baby is due so close to Christmas, but we got the tree up, and Grant loved decorating it. The hard part is going to be getting him to actually leave the ornaments on the tree. I can already tell Christmas is going to be a blast this year. He loves all the lights and anything Christmas and/or Santa related.

All in all a wonderful lots of baby stuff separated, down from the attic, etc. and spent lots of time with family and friends. BUT check out that ticker....time it's a flyin' by!!


  1. It sounds like you guys had quite a weekend. Love the pictures! Grant is adorable. The turkey cookies are too cute and your Christmas tree is beautiful!

  2. so cute! sounds like a great weekend--i love the feeling of getting things like that done. your house looks so cute--i love your curtains. the pictures of grant were adorable! he'll be a great big brother.