Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Our computer bit the dust Friday, hopefully just temporarily but that remains to be seen. I believe we’re paying both for letting our 3 year old click away and also for letting things slide a bit. We think we got a virus, and are now have a friend trying to extricate it. We’ll see what happens! I suffered major withdrawals all weekend long from email and blog reading. I never realized how much I think about it until I couldn’t do it for 2 whole days. Grant suffered too. He asks every day when the computer will be back from the dr. He does not get it! It’s a good thing though. I would probably be great if I didn’t get it back for the whole holiday weekend, although I’m secretly hoping that won’t be the case. I was really looking forward to the sales online both on Thanksgiving and on Black Friday. Internet shopping is a little addiction! I seriously should unsubscribe to every store’s email list because when I get those special sales emails, it is all I can do not to buy something because it’s such a great deal….at least that’s what they’re telling me! I’d never looked so forward to a Monday as I did this past one just to be able to check my email – like some long lost friend might be searching for me. I guess with Facebook, this could happen. Although, I can’t imagine who would miss me enough to do that. I think I pretty much keep in touch with all of those folks! So, here’s to hoping we get our computer back tomorrow and that it can be fixed! A new computer was not on my Christmas wishlist, and I really don’t want to add it! If not, don’t think I’m above going to my mom’s and hijacking her internet connection. I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A New Fav

So, how many of you continued wearing your maternity camisoles even when you weren’t pregnant anymore? I have had this discussion with so many moms and we all agreed that we liked the maternity ones better than our old pre-baby ones. The main reasons are that they’re longer, they come up higher in the front, and they don’t have those silly shelf bras in them. Seriously, what is the point in those things? Even if your flat-chested, wouldn’t you want a little more coverage than that thing provides?! I’m just saying on a cold day, that little layer of cotton is doing notta for you! Anyway, on a trip to Old Navy over the weekend, I picked up some of their camisoles because TADA, no stinkin’ shelf bra and they were 2 for $12, plus it was friends & family, so they were 30% off of that. Today is the first day I’ve worn one, and I think I have a new favorite! It is just long enough, just high enough and I don’t feel like my ribcage is being squeezed to death by a silly piece of elastic. So, I think I’m saying goodbye to Liz Lange for the time being (or forever)!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yeah, that was me...

On the radio this morning that is. I love the Big 98 and listen every morning. I often try to get through for contests, but of course, I never do. This morning, they were taking requests if you had a song that you want to hear, but weren't sure of the name of it or who sung it, etc. It was kind of obscure, but perfect. There's this song that Gerry House played several times awhile back, which I believe one of his songwriter friends wrote that is something about an April Fool. Well, I loved it, but haven't heard it in a really long time. Searching online is useless because nothing that I want comes up. So I called in and requested it. Well, apparently the name of the song is April Fool...so I knew too much about the song. SO, my dilemma still isn't solved. He didn't tell me who sings the stinkin' song and he wouldn't play it b/c I knew the title (even though I didn't know it was the title)! As you can imagine, he had fun with my name. He actually said it sounded like a chauffeur's name. I really contemplated using an alias so that everyone I know wouldn't realize it was me, but I didn't. So if you know what song I'm talking about, help a sista out and tell me who sings it!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

They're Back...

Remember this post about my favorite holiday treat? Well, on a quick run into Kroger last night, Grant yelled, "Mommy there's some cakes that look like Christmas trees!" I was in a hurry and not feeling so hot (sinus infection I think), but those words stopped me dead in my tracks and I backed up to see the beautiful little boxes. I showed some restraint and only bought 1 box, since, after all, I'm not pregnant this year. I figure I can't blame them on a craving! Even though I can't taste anything right now due to this yuck all in my head, I still ate one last night just for the texture. I know that's super weird, but there's something about that little crystallized sugar on top that I L-O-V-E!! Why are these the only Little Debbies with that stuff on them??? I'm pretty sure they don't have to be shaped like Christmas trees to warrant some sugar sprinkles. I'd eat them shaped like anything! Maybe I should email them.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

10 Months Already?!

Claire Belle, Clareese. Claire Bear, sissom, or sister turned 10 months old Monday. I feel like I say this over and over, but it is all going by so fast. I feel like she was only tiny for 2 weeks, and then she was crawling! This is such a fun age because she is noticing everything around her and really interacting with me and everyone else. She makes this noise over and over, but her tone changes. It’s like she’s really trying to tell me things, but she only has one sound. Ball is by far what she says most. She can say mama and dada, but really she rarely does. I swear she’s trying to say look, but who knows?! She’ll point and say ook, ook. I don’t know if it’s just coincidence, or if she’s really talking to me.

taking a few steps

In the past month, Claire has gotten 2 new teeth one day apart, she has taken her first steps, celebrated her 1st Halloween, she spent her first night without her mommy, and endured her first stomach bug. She has also endured many nights of being left to cry it out. Much to her dismay (and to ours) that is still continuing! Her first steps came about at the beginning of last week. She will take 4 or 5 really quick steps, but they’re still few and far between. She has to really be encouraged to stand up and try to walk. Crawling is so much faster! I don’t think her brother is eager for her to walk because he often pushes her down when she stands up.

Dressed like a kitty for Halloween

Claire is into everything and all over the place. She gets into things that Grant never bothered. Feeding her is becoming a battle now because she is ready to do it herself. She will try to knock the spoon out of my hand as I go toward her mouth and sometimes she even tries to take it from me. I think she’s probably ready for all table food, but I keep dragging out the baby food. It’s just easier sometimes, especially when we’re out and about.

I seriously cannot believe her 1st birthday is 2 months away. I’m already trying to figure out her party. I hate that she has a cold weather birthday because it limits you so much more, especially as she gets older. We may just have one seriously crowded house. Not to get ahead of myself…

Couldn't you just eat her up?! I know I'm not biased at all!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Long Week

It has been a horribly long week around here. Monday started off with a bang at 5 am when Grant started throwing up. That continued all day long. He quit doing that early Monday evening, but continued to run a fever and look totally drained. Tuesday, I ended up taking him to nanny's so I could go to work. I thought he was on the road to recovery, only to discover his temperature was 103 when I picked him up that afternoon. Weds. we made our way to the dr. We had an appt for a recheck of his ears on Thursday, so I just bumped it up a day to see what the heck is going on with him. Well, same ear...same story, still really infected. Thursday, I'd planned to work from home, and I did. I worked my butt off. I feel like when I work from home it has to be non stop just so they know I actually did work while I was here. Then, last night about 11 Claire woke up coughing and crying. I've been letting her cry it out, but I could tell something was wrong. I went in her room to discover she'd thrown up all over her bed. That continued for awhile, and then nonstop crying ensued until around 4 am! I am really hoping that I don't get fired from my job :-)!! Seeing how I've been "in" the office only about 8 hours all week long. I've worked from home a bit each day, but there's only so much I can do here. Claire seems better now, other than that she's fussy and not eating. I'm fussy too..unfortunately I can't stop eating! Here's to hoping the weekend is throw up free!!

Staying home with Grant Monday is why I actually had the chance to redo my blog. I like the design, but I'm not totally thrilled with the name. I need some help. Anyone have an idea for a catchy name for my blog? Seems like something with Summar in it would be easy to come up with, but not for me! I'd love to hear any ideas you have. I don't know when I'll ever have time to take the day and do that again, but I'm getting a little better (and quicker) at making these things!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Happenings

Friday was a fun (and candy) filled day for Grant and I. He went in to work with me so we could start trick or treating a little early and was excellent. We left Claire out of the afternoon rounds hoping that she would be well rested for the evening. Instead, Claire spent much of the night like this:I, personally, love the tail coming out of her car seat. You can't tell much from this picture, but she was a kitty cat. By the time she woke up, it was her dinner time so mammy had to take her and feed her while the rest of us went house to house to collect some loot!

Grant picked out this banana costume several months ago. I let him look through all of the catalogs and day after day, this is what he kept asking for. I finally gave in and went and got it...right before it went on sale! Gotta love that. I ended up going back to PBK and getting a price adjustment, so it worked out.

Claire was precious in her costume, but due to the really warm weather she didn't last very long in the whole thing. I love her cheeks in a hood or anything on her head. They're so sweet! I didn't get a great picture of her as a black cat, so I think there will be an after Halloween photo shoot! Here's a picture in just the "head" part of the costume and her kitty shirt that wasn't part of the costume.

Why did the banana and the mermaid cross the street?

To get more treats!!

Both of kids were totally freaked out by masked people and witches, ghosts, etc. It was pretty comical. Claire got so skiddish that when we got home, she was scared of any and all of her toys that moved. We couldn't stop laughing at her, but we really hope we didn't scar her for life! I love Halloween and all the treats associated with it! Now, I just have to try not to eat all of the candy. I'm pretty picky when it comes to candy though. I'm more of a baked goods kind of girl just in case you hadn't noticed:-)!
Hope everyone had a fun filled Halloween!