Monday, April 27, 2009

Soccer Fun

Grant had his first soccer game of the season last Saturday. To say he hasn’t been real into practice would be an understatement! It’s been a job just to keep him on the field. It’s not that he wants to leave; he just prefers to do his own thing with his own ball. This being the case, I had a feeling the game would be interesting.

As soon as we got to the field, he totally froze. When I asked him what was wrong he said, “I’m just being a little bit shy today.” This is totally out of character. He talks to EVERYONE EVERYWHERE we go! Anyway, I continued to drag him to his team and then he told me he was scared of all these people he didn’t know. Thankfully, he wasn’t the only one on his team doing this. There are 7 boys on the team, and 3 of them didn’t care to play. They play 4 at a time, so this worked out. Grant did actually run out on the field a few times, but it was short-lived. He was either distracted by the net or the grass, or both. He kicked the ball a few times, but he was much more content to sit in front of me on his OWN soccer ball. Oh, and at one point he went up and hugged one of the boys on the other team that goes to his ‘school.’
Fun, fun, fun!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Vegas Vacation

this isn't where we stayed. i just love the actual city of Paris so it was one of the few pics i took
After my “Vegas Vent,” I feel like I need to post that I actually did have a good time. Once I found my way to McDonald’s each morning (who btw did have Wi-Fi for $2.95) and got my Diet Coke, I was a much much happier camper. The weather continued to stink until Thursday afternoon. They set record lows while we were there and even received snow in the foothills around Las Vegas for the first time since 1975. I literally took our TN weather with me. I understand it’s been great there this week, and thankfully it’s been wonderful here too! I did sit down at the pool on Thursday (when it was 65 and windy) covered in chill bumps & on Friday before we left had a marvelous few hours outside. I got lots of shopping done too! Matter of fact, I’m probably cut off for the summer. Just imagining the damage I could’ve done if I had unlimited supplies of cash is dangerous!!

Two years ago, while in Vegas, we ate dinner one night at Grand Lux CafĂ© and chose the Buffalo Chicken Rolls as our appetizer. I believe I found out I was pregnant with Claire the following week (although I already had a feeling), and I craved these things the entire pregnancy. We don’t have a Grand Lux anywhere near us, so I had to wait 2 whole years to have them again. They were just as good as I’d remembered, and now I anxiously await my next trip to a city lucky enough to have one! I hear that Cheesecake Factory has something called Buffalo Blasts & I will be trying them very soon! Maybe they’re the same since they’re sister companies! They are just so good!

a self portrait on the walk to Serendipity 3

Just the week before we got to Vegas, they opened a Serendipity 3 right outside of Caesar’s Palace. We loved the food there, and I especially enjoyed the Frrrozen Hot Chocolate! They had so many awesome sounding desserts, but I felt like we had to get their signature item.

I missed my kiddos, but I think they were just fine without me. When we got home at 11 pm, Grant was still awake and told me not to come home for 2 more days! Mammy says they were really good. I just hope she’s telling the truth so she’ll be up for the challenge next time an opportunity comes around.

Just for the record, I still HATE flying. I am a total ball of nerves the entire time I am on the flight. It is by far my biggest fear!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's Not Easy Being Green

Grant got some new finger paints from the Easter Bunny. In a moment of craziness, I thought it would be fun to try it. I cannot stand to be dirty & really have a hard time letting go of control & letting my kids get dirty. I know I shouldn't be that way because the need to explore things, so I'm trying to do better. Here are few pics of my little artists.

My messy messy girl loved it! She would stick her entire hand in the paint and smear it every where. At one point, she touched her face & wiped it all over it. She then licked her lips & got a huge glob of it in her mouth & started screaming. I'm sure it's non-toxic, but it must not taste very good!

All of the paints eventually merged & turned green! She was green from head to toe & so was my mom. She threw a huge fit when I picked her up & took her to the bath tub!

Happy Hour!

On the occasions that I pick up the kids before 4, we always try to make a stop at Sonic! Grant settles for a slush instead of his fav-o-rite banana milkshake.Claire enjoys her very own grape slush! I want you to know that she drank the ENTIRE thing! I ended up pouring just a little bit into a sippy with a straw & she finished it off! Grant barely drank any of his, but this little girl can put it away!

btw..I know the pink crocs don't match her red pants! They're her playing outside shoes because she was ruining all of her cute ones! just wanted you to know that i don't think that matches :-)!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Vegas Vent!

My Easter post is below, but I just have to vent a moment! We made it to Vegas. I have an intense fear of flying and the anticipation in the days leading up to it were almost more than I could handle. Thankfully, we had a very smooth flight until the landing. The winds here were gusting up to 25 mph and it was raining (in the stinkin' desert!) so we were all over the place on the way down. Nerve racking to say the least, but we made it!

So we're here, and it's freezing! When I turned on the tv this morning, they said the temp was 39 degrees!!!! I could've stayed home & enjoyed that lovely weather. OH, but wait, the forecast for next week is sunny and HOT - 90! We are so here at the wrong time. So, there won't be any tanning going on, which stinks because I'm pretty sure I'll be out of money as soon as I start shopping. It will not last 3 whole days unless I win big.

Diet Coke drinkers beware, NO ONE here has Diet Coke. It's like everyone made a pact not to carry it! I remember that now from last time I was here, but I don't think I was as reliant on my morning drink back then! Thankfully, McDonald's hasn't sold out to the Pepsi folks, so my first venture this morning was to the Golden Arch's. Thank you Mickey D's!

We are staying at a nice hotel..supposed to be one of the best, right?! Well, they want to charge 14.99 per day for internet!! I thought all McDonald's had free Wi-Fi but apparently not in Vegas. SO, I trekked down the strip to the hotel we stayed in 2 years ago because I knew they had it in their food court, and here I sit! With not enough shopping money for 3 days, no desire to gamble it all away, and no weather for tanning, I'm spending my time catching up on blog reading and email. pretty pathetic maybe, but at least there's no bathroom to clean, bed to make or dinners to fix, so I'm thankful!

Pigtails & Easter!

Saturday, Claire debuted pigtails for the very first time. My OCD was in full effect as I tried for a perfect part. Note to self: it is impossible for a 15 mth old to sit still that long! After I got really close to perfectly straight & stuck the bows in, she promptly reached up and pulled one of them out! The next attempt was not quite as straight, but it just had to do. I thought she looked pretty sweet, but OLD!The special occasion was an egg hunt with our Sunday School class. We just couldn't have those crazy bangs falling down in her face while she was trying to get the most eggs! She took right to the hunting as soon as she started. She was yelling, "ball" as soon as we walked outside and saw the eggs in the grass.
Grant always runs past all the eggs & candy that are easily seen. For some reason, he likes a challenge when it comes to egg hunting!

Easter morning was fun this year, but the Easter bunny forgot to bring much candy. I JUST threw away our Halloween candy on Saturday, so you can tell how often they actually get to eat it. A box of peeps and a few Reese's bunnies were the only candies that found their way to our house.
Grant was ecstatic about his new V-Motion game. He had a V-Smile once upon a time and Claire broke it awhile back, so the bunny new he needed a new one.
This year, the church had breakfast for everyone before service which meant we had to be there an extra hour early. Being early is not a strong suit of mine, but somehow we got there! Claire was SO sweet in her pale pink dress and her pearl bracelet, but she was not all about posing for me!This may appear to be a hug, but don't be fooled! Grant is just trying to make her turn around so I can take a picture!The fam..this was actually at church after breakfast. Love that drainpipe in the background!

The Easter Bunny made an appearance after Sunday School. This was our 2nd run in with the guy. We saw him a few weeks ago at the mall. Grant was all about him this year. I think he would've stayed in his lap forever. He was just rubbing & patting his belly!
After church, we headed to Nana & Papa's for lunch and yet another egg hunt. Claire got a new doll for Easter that cries, laughs, says mama, and sucks when you put her bottle in her mouth. She LOVES her! She had to take her in the car with us and she fed her the whole way......

well, until she fell asleep. The doll falls asleep to and you can hear her breathing deeply.

The last egg hunt of the season...Claire was really proud of her first egg for the day!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Fifteen Months

Today, my baby girl turns 15 months old. She is acting more and more like a big girl each day.

She is having tea parties.
She is feeding herself pretty much exclusively. She doesn’t even want me to put her food on her fork or spoon for her. If I do, she will shake it off and get her own bite. Can you say independent?! She’s learning that the talking box in our living room might just having something on it she wants to see. She is FINALLY getting more teeth. We’ve been stuck at 7 for quite some time, but just this week her 8th tooth in the front and one of her back teeth have popped through. No pictures of this...she won't open her mouth that far.

She is saying a few more words, though grunts and screams seem to be the communication method of choice. She is now saying, mama, dada, bubba, bow, dog, papa, nanny, eye, NO, mammy, and baby. She points out most body parts and will make a monkey sound and a dog barking sound when asked. She is always pointing at things and will shake her head no emphatically when she’s not getting what she wants.

Claire is constantly bumping her head. She has no less than 3 bruises on her face or forehead at any given time. Right now, it’s probably closer to 5 or 6. She seriously looks like she’s been beaten up. She has no fear! I’ve nicknamed her the destructor because she goes from room to room dumping stuff out & tearing stuff up. I simply cannot keep up with her no matter how hard I try.

Our sweet girl is growing up so fast. Even with all of the exhaustion she sometimes brings, she is just precious. Whether it be the smile that she flashes through her long hair first thing in the morning, the way she gently pats my shoulder or back when I pick her up, or the concern she shows when something is wrong with 'bubba,' I am constantly reminded of how thankful I am to have her.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Vegas Baby!

Next week, Pook and I will be Vegas bound. Our house won’t be left empty, so you crazies don’t try to rob us! He has to go for a conference and I’m just tagging along for fun! This is the third year in a row that the conference has been in Las Vegas. I went 2 years ago, but stayed home with my new baby last year. Truth be told, it wasn’t my favorite trip ever, but the weather was just right for lounging by the AWESOME pool at the Venetian, and the shopping is definitely a plus. This year, I was really hoping to jump start a little tan and definitely enjoy some shopping. I’ve really been holding off on buying anything for spring, despite some VERY strong urges, because I wanted to save it ALL up for this trip. The weather forecast had been somewhat discouraging when I looked at it earlier in the week. They were calling for a high of 48 on Wednesday…hello, not laying by the pool weather. I just checked it again, and now the high for Wednesday is up into the 70’s. I may be a little chilly, but if there’s sunshine and I can bear it, I may still brave the pool. We will see! If any one has any suggestions for anything we should try to do / see while we’re there, please comment & let me know. Pretty much all I did last time was shop & play a little blackjack. I can’t stand to watch my money disappear without getting a new shirt in return :-), so I’m not much of a gambler!

Monday, April 6, 2009

There's Something About Claire....

Claire's best bedhead look is a bit reminiscent of a look I remember from There's Something About Mary!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Another Reason to Stick with Mother Nature

I just logged into my email account and saw this story. Scary stuff!!