Monday, November 19, 2007

A Successful Weekend & Name Help

At least successful in my eyes.. I got quite a bit of little man's Christmas shopping done and the house is mostly clean. We, of course, will have to clean the floors again before Thursday because they look like they could be cleaned everyday. We spent all day Saturday shopping and Grant was a real trooper. He left the house at about 8:30 to get a haircut and besides a brief stop by the house to change clothes, we were gone until about 8:00 Saturday night. We went all over the place and made a stop at Phillip's Toy Mart to see what Grant might want Santa to bring him. That was our first trip there, but certainly not the last. He had sooo much fun, and didn't even cry to take any of the toys home with us. It was a little overwhelming for me, but they had lots of neat toys that I haven't seen elsewhere. We then headed to the mall and spent the rest of the night there.

Yesterday after church, we drove around until Grant went to sleep and then WE came home and did marathon cleaning. After all of the cleaning and dinner, I ventured out to the grocery store (which I never do on Sunday night) for my last task of the weekend. I think I should have most everything we need for Thanksgiving and for our company next weekend. Daddy had taken Grant to Maggie Moo's while I was gone, and he was on a serious sugar high when I got home. He was crazy like I've never seen before, but he finally calmed down enough to go to sleep around 10:00! I don't think I sat down for more than 10 minutes or so yesterday and that was to eat dinner. When I got up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, my feet were so stiff I could barely walk...lesson learned, but the sense of accomplishment is worth the pain!

So...everyone keeps asking what we're naming this baby, and I've been a little non-committal. I was very set on a particular name early on in the pregnancy, but I've since decided that I'm pretty much ok with whatever...not sure where this came from, it's totally not my personality. As I've said before, I'm still not totally convinced that this baby is a girl, so even if we decide on something I'm not writing it in stone anywhere. That being said, we've pretty much decided we're going to call the baby Claire, but aren't sure what the rest of the name should be. We've talked about Sarah Claire (Sarah was my grandmother) and Claire Morgan. Either way, she'd just be called Claire. This is all subject to change should I think of something I like better than Claire in the next month and a half. In the meantime, which one do you like better or do you have another suggestion???? Even though Sarah is a family name, I'm not really leaning toward either one. Can't believe I'm asking this, but otherwise, we may never decide. All comments are appreciated!!


  1. i like both names. i'm partial to claire--ha ha! i love phillip's--i've been trying to get around to going there for weeks now. hopefully we'll make it next week. i love your blog! your nursery looks adorable and i can relate to the truck post--jon is still driving his 95 pickup from high school and loving it even though it is falling apart before our very eyes, AND we have a car he could be driving. oh well! i never knew you knew laura beth--it is a small world! grant is precious--i loved having him in calss & his comments you posted were hilarious--especially the tattoo comment! see you soon!

  2. That store looks REALLY overwhelming! Glad that you were able to get all of that shopping done. I am just a bit jealous.

    I love the name! I am always a big fan of family names and meanings of names, so I think that Sarah Claire is beautiful!

  3. I love reading your thoughts and all that Grant is doing. It is a joy to see you as a wonderful mom, (just like your mom). I love the name as well.
    Love, Ms. Cindy

  4. Your blog, just like your life, touch me so much. To even consider your mimi's name as part of your baby's name is a reminder of the way she lived her life and shared things much the way you do.

    love ya

  5. My vote is for Sarah Claire. . . it has a sweet ring to it and I love names that have a sentimental/family meaning. You can't go wrong with either name, though! Good luck!

  6. i missed grant in class today!