Friday, November 16, 2007

A Not So Fun Day

Yesterday was not such a great day for Grant and I. It began at about 2 am when I heard what sounded like the hiccups coming from his room. I went in his bedroom to discover that he'd gotten sick in his sleep all in his bed. The rest of the day was more of the same. It was not fun! It's not easy to explain to a sick 2 year old why he can't have milk or whatever he wants to eat. That was the weird part... every time he ate or drank, he got sick, but he kept asking for food and/or drink. Anyway, he seemed pretty ok by bedtime and held down some chicken noodle soup. This morning when I dropped him off at his nanny's, she asked him if he wanted pancakes, and he was all too happy to go to her and see me leave. After a day at home with me withholding food from him, I guess he didn't care to spend another day like that. Every time he got sick, it made me just want to cry for him. It makes me so thankful that he has been such a healthy little boy because it just breaks my heart to see him uncomfortable or hurting.

So, we've had two Thursdays in a row with Grant sick and missing school. I hope this Thursday (Thanksgiving) doesn't fall into pattern with the last two because we'll have a house full of people. Our house is not big AT ALL, so it's always a fun (stressful) day for me! I'm hoping to get a lot accomplished this weekend, but I think I have that same optimistic outlook every Friday...only to come back to work on Monday without actually getting anything done. Oh well!

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  1. Bless your hearts! I hope this Thursday is much better and I'm glad it only lasted a day!