Thursday, November 8, 2007

Recent Grant Sayings

About the frame in baby sister's room..The frame says "Twice Blessed" and was a gift from Nicole', eventually it will hold a picture of both kiddos, but right now is a pic of two unknown little boys: "Mommy, what name are these boys?"

Conversation about getting another car:
Me: Grant, do you want mommy to get a new car?
Grant: Yes, I ready to go get one right now!
Me: Well, we're not going to get one tonight!
Grant: Are you gonna get a blue one?
Me: Well, I don't know what color it will be.
Grant: I want a blue one. Let's go get it right now!

Tuesday night after dinner I was exhausted and decided to do nothing but lay on the couch until bedtime. I never do this, so Grant is really not accustomed to it at all. He wanted me to get up for something, but daddy told him I had a fever (I didn't) so he'd understand that I didn't feel like getting up. He looked at daddy and said, "It alright daddy, she's feelin better." The look on his face while he said this was the best part though.

Grant is a little under the weather right now so I let him lay in bed with me and watch the CMAs last night. I sang along with alot of the songs, but there were some that I didn't know at all. Whenever I'd stop singing, he'd say, "mommy, sing!" This is funny because when we ride in the car and I sing he yells at the top of his lungs, "mommy, you stop singing, just drive."

Another CMA moment, when Kid Rock came out with Gretchen Wilson to present an award Grant put his head under the covers. I didn't really think anything about it since it was getting late, I thought maybe he was just going to sleep. A minute or two later he said, "mommy, I not like that man with the crazy hair. It is over?" Apparently, Kid Rock was the guy with the crazy hair and he did not want to see him.

Last week we had dinner at Chili's. Our server had a tattoo that encircled her wrist and lower forearm. I was trying to get Grant to tell me what he wanted to eat, but he just kept saying, "What's on your arm? Somebody color on you? It's a flower?" I wanted to crawl under the table!

I was cooking dinner one night last week and having an emotional breakdown. At the time, I was really upset, but now I have no idea what it was about. I'm allowed to have these moments because I'm pregnant remember? Grant came over and said, "mommy, what's wrong?" I picked him up and he wiped my face and kept saying, "no more tears, mommy." It was very sweet.

I really cherish all of the little conversations that I have with my little guy. He absolutely cracks me up, and I find myself laughing at things I probably shouldn't be laughing at. He is all boy and a million miles a minute, but he is also my little cuddle bug and still loves hugs and kisses. He has started saying I love you at all the right times, and it just melts my heart. I miss him alot now during the day and call him sometimes just to hear his little voice. He is definitely momma's boy, but he wants me for the cuddling and basic needs. Daddy is the one he wants to play with him, probably because he's a lot rougher and does stuff that I would never do. We are so lucky to blessed with this sweet child!

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  1. That is so sweet! I love the Kid Rock story. My kids have also really embarrassed me with noticing and talking about other people's piercings or tattoos. The story about Grant wiping your tears just melted my heart! Such a sweet boy!