Monday, December 3, 2007

Favority Holiday Treat

These are my favorite holiday treat. I saw them in the store several weeks before Thanksgiving this year, and have found them on my grocery list several times since then.... yes, I actually write down Christmas Tree Cakes on my list! Today, when I went to Kroger, there were none over where the normal Little Debbies are. So, I thought maybe they were in the Christmas aisle, but no luck there either. I was getting a little upset since this was the 2nd time I'd been to the store without finding them. It seems I'm not the only one who loves those little sugar sprinkles! Then, after succumbing to the fact that I'd be going home without them, there they were...over by all of the soft drinks!? I don't know why they feel like an endcap over by the cokes is a good place for those, but I sure was happy to find them. I bought two boxes so I should be good for a few weeks. I took one back into work with me this afternoon and enjoyed my dessert, which I eat very oddly (kind of in layers). I'm not sure when or why I started eating these cakes like this, but I eat all around the edges, then the top, then the top layer of cake, then the frosting, and finally the bottom layer. Peculiar, but I love 'em!


  1. To funny Craig and I love these little cakes too. I have tried not to buy them yet because we can eat the whole box in a day...

  2. Those cakes are so good! I'm glad that you finally found them. I love that their are only certain things for sale at Christmas time. It makes you really treasure your memories and enjoy them all the more!

  3. i think if you shopped at AL'S you would find they are much easier to locate--less walking for a pregnant person. just a suggestion! ha!
    we always eat a few boxes of those too--jon LOVES them.