Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wish Me Luck!!

Tomorrow will be the beginning of a very busy weekend for us! I'm asking that you wish me luck and say a prayer that my husband and I don't kill each other before Monday is over :)! We are both taking off from work tomorrow to start painting what will be the new baby girl's room (name ytbd) and then we have to get Grant's furniture into that room and paint his room. We also have to move furniture from our house to mom's, then some to storage, then some back from mom's, and some from the guest bedroom into our bedroom, that is after we rearrange the furniture in our bedroom... doesn't sound like much right?! All of this to do, and in case anyone didn't know, college football starts tonight. That's right, tonight! Who ever thought up Thursday night games seriously should be shot or at least tortured. Didn't they know that football already consumes my husband's Saturdays, and soon to be Sundays, Monday nights, and then they go and start Thursday night games. Pretty soon there will be football on every night of the week, and I'm not talking about old reruns on CSS. Which if you didn't know shows like 5 year old games regularly. You'd think there wouldn't be much of a viewing audience for these, but my husband tunes in regularly. He really is that into football!

Nothing involved in all of this work is too difficult, but my husband and I are sometimes way too much alike. Basically, we're both pretty stubborn, and of course, we both know the best way to get things done, or at least he thinks he does. Of course, I'm always right! I remember when we got Grant's crib and attempted to put it together. I was starting to wonder if we would both make it through that night alive. It was a little taxing. I think we'll probably have to take the crib apart, at least partially, in order to get it out of his room and into the other one. Hopefully, we will not have a repeat of that night. We are in sort of a hurry to get all of this done over this nice weekend because Grant's big boy bed and other furniture are supposed to be in next week. We thought it was going to take a little bit longer, but are glad it's going to be early rather than late. I can't wait to begin the process of getting him to sleep somewhere other than underneath me. I'm sure it will be an adventure!

I bought his new bedding yesterday, and he seemed really excited. He liked the basketball pillow most that sounds like it's breaking glass when it hits the ground. Most of all, he liked that the quilt is blue. When I told him we were going to paint his room, he was really excited, but he kept telling me mom, I want blue. Problem here is that his room is already blue! My grand idea is to paint it sort of a khaki color so that at least it will be somewhat neutral when we move out, hopefully in the not so far off future. It also matches his bedding really well. Anyway, I felt really horrible to be painting his blue walls khaki, but I found this blue quilt so hopefully that will suffice. I'll try to remember to take a before and after picture of his room. We've already taken the bed apart from the other room, so there's not much to photograph other than some yellow walls in there. They ought to be fun to paint over.

Anyway, between all of this house redecorating and moving of furniture and of course FOOTBALL, especially UT FOOTBALL, the weekend will be crazy and likely a bit stressful, so wish me luck!

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  1. Good Luck at least you some what have your hubby. My mother and I painted both rooms and move stuff around while Craig was on a mission trip. Not too long after that I went on bed rest so be careful don't push too hard...Lots of Luck