Friday, August 24, 2007

Week in Photos

Grant has been quite the character lately and really keeps us laughing. Here are just a few pics documenting our last week or so.
This is my little fireball posing for the camera, hands on hips and everything. His head isn't crooked, by the way. His glasses are. He's put them through the ringer!
The Boys just hanging out in the back of the truck. This is Andy's first true love (haha). She doesn't have a name, but he's had her since he turned 16! We'll be looking to part ways with her sometime soon, so let us know if you need a truck. Unfortunately, Grant has never gotten to take a spin in the ole girl, and I'm not planning on him doing that any time soon. We may have to let him ride in it once just so he can say he did at least once before we get a new ride.
Last night we went to the famous county fair. Grant has been before, but I seriously doubt he remembers it at all. His first fair trip stands out in my mind because I thought I'd seriously injured him when he was just 3 months old. I was walking to the gate from the parking area (aka a big bumpy field) when the cup holder on my oh so fancy stroller decided to detach and fell right onto my sleeping baby's head. It was traumatic to say the least, probably more so for me than for Grant. Anyway, he had a blast this year and got to do a lot more. He rode a pony all by himself and did great. He asked this morning when I left him to go to work if I was going to the fair. I guess he was thinking where else would I go when there's something that grand so close by? If it were only that simple!

This ride he begged to go on, even though he was technically too small according to their charts. The guy at the gate didn't flinch when he walked by, so I let him ride it even though I was not too crazy about the idea. He was pretty excited until the thing started going up and then dropping them. The look of fear in his eyes and on his whole face was heartbreaking! I felt like I'd totally betrayed him by letting him on this ride. It was the worst feeling ever. He didn't cry, but I could tell he really wanted to. He got off and told me he was scared of that. That's fine by me. I don't like those kinds of rides either. He's the 3rd one from the right in the picture above.

This was one of his favorites. He kept yelling that he was driving. He was so proud of himself. He could ride alot of the rides by himself, but some of them did require that we accompany him, and I'll be sooo glad when those days are over. I'm not a fair ride kind of girl! I cannot go around in circles even on the kiddie rides. I seriously thought I would get sick on the silly elephant ride. I don't know how these crazy people ride all of those other massive things. I would just be a puking mess! Enough about that! Have a great weekend.

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