Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy Monday!

After a rough Thursday and dealing with a sick little one most of the weekend, I'm happy that it's Monday. Grant is still not quite himself, but the fever is gone. He got most of personality back yesterday, but his appetite is still MIA. After eating a chip last night, he started coughing and threw up all over himself and me right before bedtime. Hopefully, that was an isolated event!

On a quick Target run yesterday, I picked him up some new undies. The Spiderman undies he was donning a few posts back seem to have lost their luster ALREADY! He doesn't want to wear them anymore... ever! So now he has Thomas the Train and Elmo to entertain him. There were so many new undies when I brought them home yesterday that he couldn't decide which ones to put on. I put one pair on him and then he picked up some more and asked if they went on his head. I tried to explain that they all go in the same place. He ended up with 5 different pairs on (at the same time) before he seemed satisfied. I didn't snap a picture, but I don't know that you could tell how hilarious it all was without being there anyway.

Tomorrow is a big day. I have another ultrasound tomorrow. Please say a quick prayer that everything looks good with the baby. I guess as long as everything is OK, etc. and given that "it" cooperates, we should be able to get a look at what we're having. I am sure I will post tomorrow with all of the info.

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