Friday, August 10, 2007

A Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood......not really

Yesterday was a bit of a rough day! Our hose pipe (garden hose for those of you that don't live in this area) sprung a leak, which shouldn't seem like a big deal, right? Well, it is because we have to water ALL of our flowers every stinking day. I swear I don't remember the last time it rained at my house. My in laws that live about 10 minutes away had a big storm on Sunday, but I think the sun was still shining at our house. Seriously, our yard and our trees are really suffering from this heat and lack of water. Anywhooo, back to the hose.... Grant loves to help me water. It's usually the first thing he says when we pull in the drive every afternoon.. "I water fowers, mom." This little hole in my hose created quite a problem though; seems Grant was much more interested in putting his head in the water coming out of this teeny tiny hole than actually getting any on the flowers. Did I mention the mosquitoes at my house are horrible? This only seems to make it worse, and I seem to get no less than 4 bites per night. So, we got a new hose. No big deal, just one more thing on the list.

Then, our garage door opener decided not to work anymore on Wednesday night after church. It worked fine before church, and fine when we opened it to come home, but then it wouldn't shut. It just kept making this humming noise. I would've sworn that those things weren't supposed to be expensive, but I guess I was wrong. Turns out, ours wasn't expensive. Actually one of the repairmen told me we had the cheapest operator ever made. Thanks for that.. a simple I can't fix it would've done just fine. Apparently, it was so cheap that no one will work on them, they just recommend replacing it. So that's what we did, and now several hundred dollars later we have a fancy new garage door opener.. just what we needed to spend money on!

Now, my poor little one is sick again. I have no idea what's wrong with him, but his temp is hovering right around 102. He coughs every now and then, and kind of whimpers afterward, so I think it hurts. He also has 2 of his 2 year molars coming in, which are either causing this or just not helping it a bit. We have company coming in to town today, and my whole family coming over tonight. Hopefully, he'll feel a little better before everyone gets here.

To add to all of this, my A/C cannot keep up with this heat outside, and the amount of sun that we get through the back of our house in the afternoon is absolutely turning our living/dining/kitchen areas into an oven. Last night, I think the thermometer read 81 degrees inside and the air was set to 69. I've had enough of the heat... bring on fall weather, please!

One last thing.. now this was purely stupid.. Just a little while ago I was taking the trash out from both bathrooms. I had both bags in my hand and was standing up to walk out of the bathroom, somehow I ran into the door facing! I busted the inside of my top lip, ever so slightly chipped my front tooth, and put a dent in the door facing. When I looked in my mouth, fearing the worst, it was full of white flakes. I thought they were from my tooth, but it was paint from the door frame. Yes, I know I really need to watch where I'm going.

Sorry to rant about all of life's little problems, but some days it feels like they just keep coming your way. Hope everyone is having a better day than I am, and here's to hoping mine turns around!

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  1. That's funny about the hose pipe. Tim is from West Tn, and apparently, they don't say that there, so he makes fun of me. I thought everybody said it!