Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New CD

I actually broke down and bought myself a new CD last week. I think the CD has actually been out for like 3 years, but it's been close to that long since I purchased a CD. I figure I can find something to listen to on the radio most of the time, and when Grant's in the car we listen to "his music," so no need for any CD's then. The CD I bought is by Amy Stroup called Here I Am. You can preview the songs on the cd here. I have never been a huge Christian music fan, but I absolutely LOVE this CD. I've just never been able to "connect" with Christian music before like I have other stuff, mainly country music. I've tried a couple of times to listen to more of it on the radio or whatever, but just never enjoyed it quite as much as some other stuff. Anyway, I love Amy's voice and her style. I think she writes all of her own songs, and actually, it appears that she has a newer CD out too. I just bought this one first. She may actually change me, and wow, how much more inspirational is it to listen to this stuff in the car than some of the other trash that they play?! It's definitely comforting at the end of a hard day (not a hard work day, thankfully there aren't too many of those anymore), but just an emotionally hard day, or when I need a lift. I really look forward to my short drives alone when I can really enjoy this music. Just thought I'd share. Hope you enjoy!

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