Monday, August 20, 2007

Celebrating the Small Victories

FYI --- you may think this post has a little TMI, so if the word "poop" bothers you, just stop reading now.

That was my disclaimer. This is just a brief post to say that we are celebrating some small victories at our house. This has been a weekend full of pooping in the potty! It all started Friday night while Grant was using the potty at a friend's house, and then yelled, "Mommy, there's poopy!" I went in the bathroom totally shocked that there actually was some in the potty. Saturday, I saw him squat to go, and caught him and we ran to the potty. Once again, SUCCESS! We have been lazily working toward Potty Training for several months, but we have not been too pushy, and this part of it has been particularly challenging. Actually it's been close to 4 months since this has actually occurred, so this is why we're celebrating.

Sunday morning before church, Grant asked if he could watch Nemo. We didn't actually have Finding Nemo, so I told him that if he would pee pee and poopy in the potty all day on Sunday, then we would go buy it. Nothing like bribery when it comes to PT. Grant did really well all day, and once again I caught him mid squat, but nothing had officially come out yet, so we ran to the potty, and had success #3! He asked immediately if we could go Nemo. Of course, how could I say no after that? Off we went to Best Buy, no luck! Then onto Target, no luck! I'm beginning to wonder, do they still sell this movie. So, on to trusty ole Wal-Mart we go. I was almost holding my breath at this point thinking I'd promised the undeliverable. Then finally the electronics guy found it, and again I was thinking success!

This morning when I dropped him off, I told his Nanny to take him to the potty pretty regularly and keep reminding him that candy was at stake if he'd poop in the potty again. I called a little while ago to check on him, and he's been dry all day, but not so good on the poop front. He went in his diaper and then yelled yea! Not quite what I'm looking for, but at least he's showing some excitement. I also forgot to mention that last night while watching Nemo I put some of his handy dandy Elmo undies on him and he was sitting in my lap. I felt something a little warm on my leg, and then Grant yelled, "yea, I did it." He had peed in his pants all over my lap. Oh well, I guess I can't ask for too much in one weekend. Like I said, we're celebrating the small victories. I didn't say we were leaving the house in underwear anytime soon!

Sorry for all the info, but this really is what my life consists of right now... pee and poop and where it ends up!

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  1. Hey Chesley! Jamie has been telling me about your blog, so I thought I'd check it out. Grant is too cute, we saw him and Nicole Friday night out walking while ya'll were eating. Good luck with the potty training, i know it has to take a lot of patience for you, luckily i have a year or so more, before I have to work on my patience!