Monday, April 27, 2009

Soccer Fun

Grant had his first soccer game of the season last Saturday. To say he hasn’t been real into practice would be an understatement! It’s been a job just to keep him on the field. It’s not that he wants to leave; he just prefers to do his own thing with his own ball. This being the case, I had a feeling the game would be interesting.

As soon as we got to the field, he totally froze. When I asked him what was wrong he said, “I’m just being a little bit shy today.” This is totally out of character. He talks to EVERYONE EVERYWHERE we go! Anyway, I continued to drag him to his team and then he told me he was scared of all these people he didn’t know. Thankfully, he wasn’t the only one on his team doing this. There are 7 boys on the team, and 3 of them didn’t care to play. They play 4 at a time, so this worked out. Grant did actually run out on the field a few times, but it was short-lived. He was either distracted by the net or the grass, or both. He kicked the ball a few times, but he was much more content to sit in front of me on his OWN soccer ball. Oh, and at one point he went up and hugged one of the boys on the other team that goes to his ‘school.’
Fun, fun, fun!!


  1. Love those pictures! These are such fun times.

  2. That was SO our experience with soccer last fall . . . and that is why we didn't play this spring! :) He probably would have done fine now since he is older and knows what to expect, but we didn't enjoy it really! ;) It will get better, promise! (Maybe not much, but it will some!)

  3. the hugging part was the best. that is too funny! cute pictures and i think i forgot to say anything about your vegas post, but you had some good pictures of both of you! i know the weather wasn't the best, but it still looked fun! more fun than i had last week :)

  4. i know the feeling about the soccer. my little girl who is four only runs around in circles and plays in the dirt the whole game! Also, I will meet you whenever you want to try on the shoes! email me at


  5. Will you send me your email when you get a chance so I can send you the information for your prize from yesterday?? Thanks:)