Friday, April 10, 2009

Fifteen Months

Today, my baby girl turns 15 months old. She is acting more and more like a big girl each day.

She is having tea parties.
She is feeding herself pretty much exclusively. She doesn’t even want me to put her food on her fork or spoon for her. If I do, she will shake it off and get her own bite. Can you say independent?! She’s learning that the talking box in our living room might just having something on it she wants to see. She is FINALLY getting more teeth. We’ve been stuck at 7 for quite some time, but just this week her 8th tooth in the front and one of her back teeth have popped through. No pictures of this...she won't open her mouth that far.

She is saying a few more words, though grunts and screams seem to be the communication method of choice. She is now saying, mama, dada, bubba, bow, dog, papa, nanny, eye, NO, mammy, and baby. She points out most body parts and will make a monkey sound and a dog barking sound when asked. She is always pointing at things and will shake her head no emphatically when she’s not getting what she wants.

Claire is constantly bumping her head. She has no less than 3 bruises on her face or forehead at any given time. Right now, it’s probably closer to 5 or 6. She seriously looks like she’s been beaten up. She has no fear! I’ve nicknamed her the destructor because she goes from room to room dumping stuff out & tearing stuff up. I simply cannot keep up with her no matter how hard I try.

Our sweet girl is growing up so fast. Even with all of the exhaustion she sometimes brings, she is just precious. Whether it be the smile that she flashes through her long hair first thing in the morning, the way she gently pats my shoulder or back when I pick her up, or the concern she shows when something is wrong with 'bubba,' I am constantly reminded of how thankful I am to have her.


  1. Love those pictures!!! She is a little doll. I have to say that she sounds a lot like Jackson (on the destructive, getting into everything stuff). Your children are so precious.

  2. Maybe her and Mitchell can be Mr. and Mrs. Eveil-Ka-Nevil (horrible spelling i know) together!