Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pigtails & Easter!

Saturday, Claire debuted pigtails for the very first time. My OCD was in full effect as I tried for a perfect part. Note to self: it is impossible for a 15 mth old to sit still that long! After I got really close to perfectly straight & stuck the bows in, she promptly reached up and pulled one of them out! The next attempt was not quite as straight, but it just had to do. I thought she looked pretty sweet, but OLD!The special occasion was an egg hunt with our Sunday School class. We just couldn't have those crazy bangs falling down in her face while she was trying to get the most eggs! She took right to the hunting as soon as she started. She was yelling, "ball" as soon as we walked outside and saw the eggs in the grass.
Grant always runs past all the eggs & candy that are easily seen. For some reason, he likes a challenge when it comes to egg hunting!

Easter morning was fun this year, but the Easter bunny forgot to bring much candy. I JUST threw away our Halloween candy on Saturday, so you can tell how often they actually get to eat it. A box of peeps and a few Reese's bunnies were the only candies that found their way to our house.
Grant was ecstatic about his new V-Motion game. He had a V-Smile once upon a time and Claire broke it awhile back, so the bunny new he needed a new one.
This year, the church had breakfast for everyone before service which meant we had to be there an extra hour early. Being early is not a strong suit of mine, but somehow we got there! Claire was SO sweet in her pale pink dress and her pearl bracelet, but she was not all about posing for me!This may appear to be a hug, but don't be fooled! Grant is just trying to make her turn around so I can take a picture!The fam..this was actually at church after breakfast. Love that drainpipe in the background!

The Easter Bunny made an appearance after Sunday School. This was our 2nd run in with the guy. We saw him a few weeks ago at the mall. Grant was all about him this year. I think he would've stayed in his lap forever. He was just rubbing & patting his belly!
After church, we headed to Nana & Papa's for lunch and yet another egg hunt. Claire got a new doll for Easter that cries, laughs, says mama, and sucks when you put her bottle in her mouth. She LOVES her! She had to take her in the car with us and she fed her the whole way......

well, until she fell asleep. The doll falls asleep to and you can hear her breathing deeply.

The last egg hunt of the season...Claire was really proud of her first egg for the day!

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  1. Love those pigtails!!!

    I'm so glad that you all had such a great Easter together. Loved your pics!