Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I haven't been in much of a posting mood lately, but wanted to post a few random pictures from the past few weeks.

claire hanging out in our bedroom. she's already looking tan and we haven't had any sunshine until today for what seems like a month (though I think it's actually been about 2 weeks).

dressed in matching seersucker & ready to go to church. taking a picture of these two is a huge challenge these days, so i just settle for them both being in the frame!

miss independent feeding herself spaghetti of all things. dinner is a disaster most days around here. i'm trying to learn to live with the mess!

friday when i picked the kids up at nanny's, grant wanted to cut me some flowers for a bouquet for mother's day. nanny happens to have hot pink peonies in her yard, which are my all time favorite flower! he was so proud of it (and so was i)!

Mother's Day morning before church. this seems to be where we always take pictures before church. the sun comes up on the front of our house, so it's super bright on our front steps in the morning. we always sit on the back ones for morning pictures.

Grant turns 4 in less than 2 weeks. Four is feeling so big to me! His birthday list has gotten really expensive over the past year. All he says he wants is a big Lightning McQueen car that he can ride in (which he will not be getting) and a Wii. He also wanted to have his party at Pump It Up (a jumpy place) so that's not the cheapest either. I guess the days of having no clue when / where your party is are over for him :-(! It was fun while it lasted.


  1. Claire looks so big to me now! You are very brave with the spaghetti!! :) Maybe that's why Lawton still doesn't eat sauce on his spaghetti . . . I was never brave enough. I am doing better this time around! :)

  2. Love those pictures! I am starting to plan the kid's parties for the summer and all that I can see are $$$$. It is crazy expensive, but I guess that we will keep on doing it. :)

  3. very cute pics! the day we are ready for church in enough time to take pictures beforehand will be a banner day for our family. i don't think we have ever taken one before service, it always has to be after, haha.