Thursday, April 9, 2009

Vegas Baby!

Next week, Pook and I will be Vegas bound. Our house won’t be left empty, so you crazies don’t try to rob us! He has to go for a conference and I’m just tagging along for fun! This is the third year in a row that the conference has been in Las Vegas. I went 2 years ago, but stayed home with my new baby last year. Truth be told, it wasn’t my favorite trip ever, but the weather was just right for lounging by the AWESOME pool at the Venetian, and the shopping is definitely a plus. This year, I was really hoping to jump start a little tan and definitely enjoy some shopping. I’ve really been holding off on buying anything for spring, despite some VERY strong urges, because I wanted to save it ALL up for this trip. The weather forecast had been somewhat discouraging when I looked at it earlier in the week. They were calling for a high of 48 on Wednesday…hello, not laying by the pool weather. I just checked it again, and now the high for Wednesday is up into the 70’s. I may be a little chilly, but if there’s sunshine and I can bear it, I may still brave the pool. We will see! If any one has any suggestions for anything we should try to do / see while we’re there, please comment & let me know. Pretty much all I did last time was shop & play a little blackjack. I can’t stand to watch my money disappear without getting a new shirt in return :-), so I’m not much of a gambler!

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  1. That is awesome that you get to go to Vegas! I've only been in the airport on our way to San Diego for our honeymoon. My parents have been a time or two and had so much fun. I think that they did some of the shows, like Celine Dion (which totally cracks me up). I hope the weather is warm and that you and your hubby have a great time!