Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Vegas Vent!

My Easter post is below, but I just have to vent a moment! We made it to Vegas. I have an intense fear of flying and the anticipation in the days leading up to it were almost more than I could handle. Thankfully, we had a very smooth flight until the landing. The winds here were gusting up to 25 mph and it was raining (in the stinkin' desert!) so we were all over the place on the way down. Nerve racking to say the least, but we made it!

So we're here, and it's freezing! When I turned on the tv this morning, they said the temp was 39 degrees!!!! I could've stayed home & enjoyed that lovely weather. OH, but wait, the forecast for next week is sunny and HOT - 90! We are so here at the wrong time. So, there won't be any tanning going on, which stinks because I'm pretty sure I'll be out of money as soon as I start shopping. It will not last 3 whole days unless I win big.

Diet Coke drinkers beware, NO ONE here has Diet Coke. It's like everyone made a pact not to carry it! I remember that now from last time I was here, but I don't think I was as reliant on my morning drink back then! Thankfully, McDonald's hasn't sold out to the Pepsi folks, so my first venture this morning was to the Golden Arch's. Thank you Mickey D's!

We are staying at a nice hotel..supposed to be one of the best, right?! Well, they want to charge 14.99 per day for internet!! I thought all McDonald's had free Wi-Fi but apparently not in Vegas. SO, I trekked down the strip to the hotel we stayed in 2 years ago because I knew they had it in their food court, and here I sit! With not enough shopping money for 3 days, no desire to gamble it all away, and no weather for tanning, I'm spending my time catching up on blog reading and email. pretty pathetic maybe, but at least there's no bathroom to clean, bed to make or dinners to fix, so I'm thankful!

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