Saturday, April 25, 2009

Vegas Vacation

this isn't where we stayed. i just love the actual city of Paris so it was one of the few pics i took
After my “Vegas Vent,” I feel like I need to post that I actually did have a good time. Once I found my way to McDonald’s each morning (who btw did have Wi-Fi for $2.95) and got my Diet Coke, I was a much much happier camper. The weather continued to stink until Thursday afternoon. They set record lows while we were there and even received snow in the foothills around Las Vegas for the first time since 1975. I literally took our TN weather with me. I understand it’s been great there this week, and thankfully it’s been wonderful here too! I did sit down at the pool on Thursday (when it was 65 and windy) covered in chill bumps & on Friday before we left had a marvelous few hours outside. I got lots of shopping done too! Matter of fact, I’m probably cut off for the summer. Just imagining the damage I could’ve done if I had unlimited supplies of cash is dangerous!!

Two years ago, while in Vegas, we ate dinner one night at Grand Lux Café and chose the Buffalo Chicken Rolls as our appetizer. I believe I found out I was pregnant with Claire the following week (although I already had a feeling), and I craved these things the entire pregnancy. We don’t have a Grand Lux anywhere near us, so I had to wait 2 whole years to have them again. They were just as good as I’d remembered, and now I anxiously await my next trip to a city lucky enough to have one! I hear that Cheesecake Factory has something called Buffalo Blasts & I will be trying them very soon! Maybe they’re the same since they’re sister companies! They are just so good!

a self portrait on the walk to Serendipity 3

Just the week before we got to Vegas, they opened a Serendipity 3 right outside of Caesar’s Palace. We loved the food there, and I especially enjoyed the Frrrozen Hot Chocolate! They had so many awesome sounding desserts, but I felt like we had to get their signature item.

I missed my kiddos, but I think they were just fine without me. When we got home at 11 pm, Grant was still awake and told me not to come home for 2 more days! Mammy says they were really good. I just hope she’s telling the truth so she’ll be up for the challenge next time an opportunity comes around.

Just for the record, I still HATE flying. I am a total ball of nerves the entire time I am on the flight. It is by far my biggest fear!!!

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