Monday, March 3, 2008

Oops with a capital O!!

This morning when I was backing out of the garage to take Grant to school, he said, "Mommy, look at that turtle." So, of course, I said what turtle? He kept pointing and said it's right over there. I could not find the turtle anywhere, but kept searching in front of me where he was pointing. I thought he meant a real turtle, but apparently, it was something on a paint can that was on the shelf in front of me that looked somewhat like a turtle. All this time I was searching, I was also slowly inching backwards without even really realizing it until I heard the crunch of my side mirror. I hit the side of the garage with the mirror. Thankfully, it was just the mirror and not the whole side of the truck! I ran by to see the guy that always does work on our cars, and he said no big deal, shouldn't be more than $40, but I'd have to go get the glass from the dealership. So I went by the dealership, but wouldn't you know they don't sell just the glass, only the whole stinkin' mirror which of course they want a couple hundred dollars for. Needless to say, I just left without buying one. I've spent the last hour searching salvage yards for one, and have had a little luck. I've gotta go make sure it's in decent shape before I celebrate though.

After being very irritated at Pookie a couple of weeks ago for his tickets, now I just feel stupid. At least he was actually driving to work when he cost us the money. I, on the other hand, was just searching for a turtle. I didn't blog about his ticket(s) but it was for driving in the HOV lane, not wearing a seat belt, and tailgating. This was not the first HOV lane violation or seat belt ticket, but he's very hard headed or thinks he's above the law.. who knows! The tailgating thing he swears the guy made up just to make the ticket more because the other two things combined were only $22.00. Just our luck. Hopefully our luck with vehicle related things will improve, but it always seems to be something with them.

BTW, my little girl is sleeping through the night still! I think it's been 4 or 5 nights in a row. I'm still waking up, but she's not. Maybe, I'll get used to it soon.. just in time for her to change or something. I'm very thankful for now!


  1. What a morning! I really hate that you hit the garage. I hope that the glass works out for the mirror and that it won't cost that much to fix.

    I've never heard of getting a ticket for tailgating. I think that everyone that drives behind me should get one. I've had to start ignoring it or I would be too distracted to drive.

    Yeah for Claire! That is just awesome!!!

  2. ours was smashed while i was in the mall over christmas. i got one from state line auto parts--i think it's in portland? i called them and they were great--they didn't even have one, but they found me an aftermarket one for less than half the price that the dealership wanted. funny story :)