Friday, March 7, 2008

First Shots and Other Stuff

Yesterday, Claire turned 8 weeks old, and we made a trip to the doctor's office for her 2 month check up and for immunizations. I was truly dreading this, as all mothers do. Claire's "happy" times seem to be short lived, so I was fearful that these shots would basically make last night hell for us. I was so wrong. She has been the golden child these last 24 hours...I'm thinking maybe we should just keep giving her Tylenol every 4 hours and hope it sticks! haha She barely cried at all at the dr. and didn't fuss much at all yesterday. I even took her with us to the park for 2 hours and she was great the whole time. Maybe, this is the new Claire! Anyway, we found out that she's a big girl. She was in the 95th percentile for both height and weight at 23 3/4 inches and 12 lbs, 11 ounces. I had to pull out Grant's baby book and he was almost exactly the same size at this point. Here's a pic of her last night... you can see her little bandaids and check out those rolls! I could just eat her up.
Yesterday was such a nice day. Like I said, we spent all afternoon at the park. I put both kids in the double stroller that I got a consignment sale for $20 for their babysitter and we walked and then I let Grant play. The stroller was heavy to push with both kids in it, but we made it. My double stroller is lighter, but Claire's carrier won't snap into it, so I used that one instead. Today, it's yuck and my neck is stiff. I'm not sure if the neck thing is from pushing that heavy stroller or what, but I can barely move my head. It's raining and I think someone said something about snow later, and the wind is blowing so hard that my house seems to whistling. I cannot figure out where it's coming from. One night last week, we had lots of windows up and I'm guessing that one didn't get shut all of the way, but I have yet to figure out which one. I'm just full of complaints aren't I?! This picture is of the kids in the stroller but not yesterday..
Here's a picture of us before church last Sunday. Daddy didn't go so I took both kids by myself. I put Claire's first bow in her hair, but it had fallen out by the time we got the 1 mile down the road to church. Maybe we'll try again later. I don't think I'd put the bow in yet when we took this picture. You can't really see much detail of the dress Claire's wearing in this picture, but it was one of mine. Grant is such a cheeseball these days. There are no normal smiles anymore unless you just catch him off guard.

BTW, the mirror thing worked out on Monday and all is well with that. Claire took her first and hopefully only trip to the junkyard and so did I. I had the mirror fixed before Pookie even got home. Unless he's read this, he still doesn't know about it. Not that I'm hiding it or anything.. it just hasn't come up!


  1. You're such a good mommy! Your posts remind me of those sweet days of double strollers and park time.

    Your children are beauties. And it sounds like Claire is over the hump and has a brand new outlook!

    That mirror story cracks me up. This is a good way to see if Andy reads your blog or not. :)

    I'm already out of those gummies. The girls loved them too, imagine! Guess we'll have to head back to Walgreens!

  2. Amy, you should've bought more gummies! I wasn't kidding when I said I stocked up. Grant loves them too. He told me he was hungry last night when he really just wanted more gummy bunnies. My next blog may just be devoted to those sweet things!

  3. That is a GREAT picture of you with your kiddos. Claire is getting big! She's going to catch up to Jackson!!! So proud of you for getting both kids to church by yourself. That is HARD work! I'm so glad that the shots went well!

  4. Claire is growing up fast!! I hope every thing is going good with everyone!!!!! I need you to call Jamie and tell her how to consignment shop!!!! $20 for the double stroller? That's great!!! Anyway hope things are going well "Happy 2 months!!!".