Friday, February 29, 2008

The Story of LIttle Bunny

Last week after I picked Grant up one day, we headed to the library. This was his first trip there. I know that I'm horrible for not taking him sooner, but when I'm working we have very little time! Anyway, he headed straight for the Thomas books and also found a Bob the Builder book really quickly. On top of all of the bookcases in the children's section, they had all of the Easter books and anything to do with bunny books sitting out. So, I suggested that we get one of those too. Not being able to read, Grant just pointed to one and said he wanted that one. It was called Don't Call Me Little Bunny. I picked it up and off we went.

When we got home, of course, we had to read all of the books immediately. We got through the Thomas books, Bob, and then came Little Bunny. I was in for a bit of a shock. Little Bunny was tiny and everyone called him Little Bunny, but he didn't like it. One day he decided he was going to let everyone know that he didn't like it. First he stomped on some candy that an old woman gave him, then he decided to get a pistol!! and hold up a bank. He ended up getting caught by the police, who took him to jail. In jail, there was another little bunny. When asked why he was in jail, he said because he killed someone! The two little bunnies dug a hole underground and escaped the jail and went to live together in the mountains, where one of their grandfathers brings them food. What a book!

It went back to the library the next day. I'm all for freedom of speech and against censorship, but this is not what I was expecting from a children's book that I thought maybe had something to do about Easter! Lesson learned.. scan the book before we come home with it!

In other news, Claire slept through the night last night for the 2nd time. The nights she doesn't, she usually makes it until 4 or so in the morning, so I'm not complaining then either. Sleep is a wonderful thing!


  1. That is awful....We are book Crazy in our house. I will know to scan them now. One of Nolen's new Berenstain Bears books said Helter Skelter in it I was in shock about that. I can't believe they allow some of these books to be published.

    Go Claire sleeping all night makes a Happy Mommy!!!!!

  2. i literally about wet my pants over the bunny book. i even had to call and share the story with my mom--too funny!