Monday, March 10, 2008

2 months old!

I posted twice today because I felt each deserved it's own. Claire is 2 months old today. She has changed so much this past month and I cannot believe how fast it's going by. I am going back to work in about 5 weeks, and I know I'm going to miss being with this little girl all day long. I couldn't get her to smile for me when I was trying to take a picture this morning.

In the last month, she has started smiling a lot. She "talks" and coos when she's happy, and when she's not, she lets you know it. She has quite the temper. I've called her my high maintenance child from the beginning of my pregnancy, and she has not disappointed. She seeks constant attention, and is rarely content to just sit when she's awake. She likes to be talked to and moved around alot, there's no sitting and watching TV when this child is awake. However, she is now sleeping wonderfully! She goes to bed around 9:30 or so and usually sleeps until between 6 and 7. I was not expecting this so early, but it is a welcome surprise. She fights the getting to sleep part usually with a good long cry, but it's funny how it doesn't bother us nearly as much with the second child as it did when Grant did this. She is sleeping on her belly, which I was hoping we wouldn't have to do this time, but it seems to work for her. She is still in the pack'n play in our bedroom and she scoots all the way to the top of it and sleeps with her head in the corner. It makes me a wreck, but if I move her, she just scoots right back.

This girl also loves to eat and you can tell it by looking at her. Her chubby cheeks and double chin crack me up. She's such a little roly poly. There are rolls on her neck, arms, legs.. everywhere. I know people probably wonder what I'm feeding her, but she's never even had formula, so I guess it's all the sugar I eat that's to blame.. who knows! Another thing that really cracks me up is all of her hair. She has a head full of it, and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. I comb it out after her bath, and it's straight, but it doesn't really lay down. It kind of sticks up a little before laying over. It looks like it's trying to curl when it's wet. People will be questioning whether she's mine if she ends up with curly black or brown hair and brown eyes.

Claire rolled over for the first time this morning from her stomach to her back. I put her on the floor to try and take some pictures of her holding her head up and over she went. I rolled her back over to try again and she did it again. I don't know that she really meant to, but she did it.

She's really holding her head up well now.

She's on her way over in this next picture:


  1. What a cutie pie! She is an absolute baby doll! I love the picture of her on her tummy! She is really holding up that head well. I can't believe that it has already been 2 months. I feel like these days are just flying by for us!

  2. she is precious! i can't believe she is 2 months already either. that's great she is sleeping so well--it's the tummy!!! both of mine did it. i have a sids alarm you can borrow to see if you like it. it goes off if it stops detecting movement for a few seconds. i love it and it made me quit worrying about my babies on their tummies.

  3. She's such a cutie...I think the second time around you are more laid back. I put Trevor on his tummy right off. I think the second one seem so high maintance because you have an older one ...I realized one day Nolen did the same things but it was easy with just one you could hold him all the time and bow down to every single need....That explains why he is soooo spoiled....