Thursday, January 3, 2008

Still Waiting

I keep thinking that today will be the day...everyday! I'm ready to meet this little one. This pregnancy has absolutely flown by. I think I've said that a million times already, but it's so true. Having a busy 2 year old this time around has definitely left little time to think about much else. Thankfully, it's been a fairly easy and comfortable pregnancy and knowing that it will probably be my last, I keep trying to cherish every day. It's hard though! My right hip has started hurting really badly these last few days and the bathroom trips are becoming more frequent through the night. I'm walking like I'm 95! Sleep is not something I'm getting much of, but I guess I might as well get used to that again anyway. I went back to the dr. yesterday and she said she will induce me anytime I'm ready. I am really trying to let nature take it's course, but the offer is getting more and more tempting by the day. I had so much pain last time that setting up a time to start that pain is hard to do. As I have said before, I do not plan to experience that this time, but knowing that you can't always control it is the scary part. My blood pressure was quite a bit higher than normal yesterday, and she's told me to monitor it. If it's consistently high, I'm supposed to call and schedule the induction. Last night, mom checked it at home and it was totally normal....maybe I was just nervous at the appt. Who knows! Anyway, she said she's on call this weekend if I decide I want to come in then. Otherwise, I go back next Tuesday.

Last night, Grant begged to lay in the bed with me and I caved thinking that pretty soon he won't be the only one to cuddle with. It's so hard when you're tired and uncomfortable to try and remember to cherish these last few days with him as an only child! He is usually in rare form at night, and last night was no exception. He does pretty much anything and everything to keep himself awake. I have never seen someone fight sleep like he does, plus there's the hair thing. He finally went to sleep probably around 10:30 or maybe 11.. I was in and out of consciousness myself. I didn't actually make it to moving him into his bed until 2:30 or so. It was a long night, but he's worth it.

The kid totally cracks me up. The sentences and phrases he's saying now are hilarious, and you really have to be careful what is said in front of him. You might say something and have no idea that he absorbed it until it comes back out of his mouth 3 or 4 days (or longer) later. He's also quite the comedian (like his dad) so the next few years will probably be really interesting (and embarrassing for us until he learns about things we don't do/say in public). I find myself laughing at things he says and does when I really shouldn't be, but it's so hard to contain! One of my favorite things he says to pretty much everyone right now is, "What name is you/her/him?" He says this to EVERYONE EVERYWHERE! He is so interested in talking to people everywhere we go, so we don't meet many strangers anymore. This is totally not my personality, but it's been fun watching him interact.

I'm still not sure he totally realizes what he's in for with this baby, but I hope the adjustment isn't too bad on any of us. I'm a bit petrified of the whole situation honestly. I'm ready not to be pregnant and to see this baby, but the impact that it will make in our home and on our family is something that is unpredictable and hard to prepare yourself (or Grant) for. I'm just hoping for a smooth transition. I know that people do it everyday, but it's still scary when it's you!


  1. Don't worry Grant will adjust just fine. I was flipping out before Trevor was born thinking the same things. I was actually shocked Nolen did better than I thought he would. He didn't want anything to do with him at first but now he Loves "His Baby."

    Good Luck if you go before Tuesday. I will pray for a speedy and easy birth.

  2. I predict she will arrive on the 9th (Claire's birthday). Although you are probably ready before that time!

    I love reading about your pregnancy and seeing your pictures. You look beautiful.

    Grant will be a good big brother. Kids are so resilient, and he will adjust quickly.