Monday, December 31, 2007


So much for that post I intended to do several days ago! Things have been busy, but really I've just been neglecting it. Baby girl is still hanging in there. We've got less than 8 hours to get her here for that 2007 tax credit..not holding my breath for that. I did have several contractions last night, but they stopped after a few hours. We went to the park and walked today, so maybe that will help move things along. Who knows, I guess she'll come in her own sweet time. My doctor actually offered to induce this week and I declined. I go back on Weds., so we'll see what she says this time.

As I mentioned in the previous post, we have had a wonderful week or so with Christmas and everything else. We took Grant to Chuck E. Cheese's to celebrate his potty success and he really enjoyed it. The potty thing is going wonderfully! He is actually even sleeping in his underwear. That wasn't a transition I had planned to make yet, but he did not want to wear the "baby diapers" at night so we tried it out, and he's made it several nights in a row. Anyway, he loved all the games and the pizza. He was not so sure about ole Chuckster himself, but he's ready to go back so I'm guessing it didn't scare him too badly. Here's a pic of the only Chuck E. he would get near. There was one riding in a car (a plastic one) and he was terrified of it.
We spend Christmas Eve with Pook's family and do all of our presents, etc. then. This is a pic of our family in front of their tree, although you can barely see the tree 'cause we're blocking it out,

Christmas morning was so much fun this year! Grant actually slept until 9 am, which he never does, so that was a nice bonus too. He was sooo excited about all of his toys that Santa brought to him. He still doesn't want to put anything away, and everyday he asks if he can play with all of his toys that Santa "bring to him." I can't believe that on Christmas morning next year, we'll have another one that will be almost a year old. That's just crazy to think about right now! Here's Grant checking out some of his loot.

I just think this is the cutest pic. Grant is looking out the window because slowly both of our families were starting to arrive at our house for breakfast and to see what all Santa had left at our house.

We're headed out to have dinner at a friend's house before going over to Mammy's to spend time with some family from KY. Daddy is going to dinner with us, but then going to Uncle Kevin's house to hang out. I just don't think I can make it to midnight, so Grant and I aren't going. He's on standby in case I call and tell him to come get's to hoping! Happy New Year!


  1. I can't wait until she is here! You look great! Too bad you won't get the tax credit . . . I'll keep checking in!

  2. Glad to hear that things are going well for you guys! I love that picture of Grant peeking out the blinds! That is precious! Can't believe that your little baby girl will be here any day now! You guys will definitely be in our thoughts and prayers!