Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Due Date!!

But no baby yet! I was all geared up last night because I had some pretty painful contractions. There was no rhyme or rhythm to them though, so basically I was just up most of the night wondering if this was it. I went to the dr. this morning and my bp was slightly elevated, but not concerning. For those of you that need the details, I'm dilated to a little over 3, so those contractions are doing their thing. She said she thinks I'm right on the verge of going into labor. We scheduled the induction for next Monday, January 14th if she hasn't come on her own before then. I feel confident we'll have a baby before then!


  1. Happy due date! I still say the 9th. Which starts in just 10 hours!

    Love your pictures! I didn't take any belly pictures b/c nobody but Demi Moore was exposing her belly at that time. But I wish I had some pictures now.

  2. Yeah! So thrilled that you at least have a date! I, too, am thinking that you will go before then.