Monday, January 7, 2008


I'm to the point where labor (and more importantly, when it will start) is all I can think about! If someone could just say it will start on Weds. midday, I'd be all good with that. It's so hard to just go on anticipating that every minute. We can't make any plans to do anything else, and so I feel like I'm just sitting and waiting. I was really hoping to go on my own before my appt. tomorrow because I do not want to have to set an induction date, and I know that will be what we do. Even if my blood pressure is normal, she will want to set a date...even if it's early the following week. That's my plan right now is to say sometime around the 14th or 15th if she'll let me go that long. At my last appt., she hammered home that there really is nothing left to gain by continuing to drag this out except misery on my part. I'm really not that miserable though, so the plan is still to hold out. My prediction is that I'll go into labor tonight in the middle of the BCS Championship game. My husband isn't really a huge fan of either team, but that doesn't mean he won't watch it with little attention on anything else. I'd be ok with that though just to get out of picking a "birth day." I can't believe I'm going to post these pictures of my 40 week belly, but here ya go:

No stretch marks yet.. if I get one this last week, I'll be really ticked!

I just have to post this picture that I took of little girl's closet. We have been absolutely overwhelmed by our friends and family who have purchased and/or handed stuff down to us. So much so that I already have over 2 huge tubs of stuff in the attic to get down as she grows. This is what is just in the closet you can't even see all of it in this picture) and I only put through 9 months in there, and the drawers in her dresser are totally full too! She will never be able to wear all of this, and what am I supposed to buy now?! You know I gotta have an excuse to buy all of that cute little girl stuff! Notice all the tags..I haven't washed anything that was purchased new! Still not convinced that it's a girl. All of Grant's stuff was washed right after his shower, but not this time!

In other news.. kind of related to buying the little girl stuff, I have a new addiction. It is finding online coupon codes. If you do any shopping online, make sure you look for them first. One site that I've had a lot of luck with is People put coupon codes on them for all kinds of sites and they have ratings that tell you whether they worked for them, etc. I'm a little obsessed with them. I bought something the other day (shoes b/c they're still fun prego or not) and was determined to find codes and ended up with 3. I'm hooked. I did this for several Christmas purchases too. It's much easier to justify shopping when you get a great deal, right?!
I'll try to update if I go into labor, but don't know if we'll be able to post pics until we get home from the hospital. I will try to get someone to post the specifics though. My husband is not the most technically inclined and has no idea about this whole blogging thing, so we'll see!


  1. I think you look great! I had to check to see if she had come yet or not! I hope that you get to go into labor on your own . . . I hope to do that this time since I was induced with Lawton! Good luck tonight, or tomorrow, or the next day . . . :)

  2. I also hope that you go into labor on your own. Everything is so scheduled now. It would be nice to let it just come on its own, but I can't imagine the anxiety of not knowing when either.

    You look GREAT!!! Yeah for NO stretch marks! My belly looks like someone took a red crayon to it. No fun!

    I hope that you can keep us all updated. Can't wait to see this beautiful baby girl.

  3. Hey!!! I found your blog and have enjoyed reading your updates. I am so excited about your new addition. You look great!!!!

    Carey Mcculloch Baumann