Monday, January 28, 2008


Right now my sweet little girl is sleeping.. without being held. This has been a very rare occurence since she was born. The catch is that she's on her belly. All of the advice out there says never do this, but she's sleeping now and wakes up immediately when we put her on her back or side. Why does this have to be so stinkin' difficult?! Grant was the same way, but I never put him on his stomach until he was probably 8 or 9 weeks old and then he slept all night. I haven't put her on her belly at night either, but she's sleeping on me, so essentially she's on her stomach anyway. I, obviously, don't want to endanger my baby in anyway, but I do want her to sleep (and I wouldn't mind having a little too). I'm just not sure what to do.

I escaped the house yesterday for an hour and went to Sunday School with Grant. It was really nice to get out and also to see everyone. I kind of feel like I've been hiding out in a cave these last few weeks. I'm ready for warmer weather so we can be out and about. It's supposed to be 60 today, so we're going to run a few errands if I can find my way to the shower sometime soon! It will probably stay cold until right about the time I go back to work. We'll definitely make the best of the nice days we have until then.


  1. Abby Kate was the same way about sleep! I eventually caved in and let her sleep on her tummy! My reasoning was that I was a tummy sleeper and just about every other baby has been too.

    Glad that you were able to get out of the house for awhile. I'm sure that you have been craving some "out of the confines of your walls" time!!!

    How long do you get to stay home?

  2. I'm planning on staying home until mid April. I haven't nailed down a date yet though. That makes it too real, and I don't wanna go there yet!

  3. Trevor was the same way and was on his belly/side as soon as he came home. He had reflux issues so that helped. Don't worry this will pass...
    Nolen was born in Nov. they told us 10 weeks his first trip to church was at 4 weeks. You get so stir CRAZY!!! You have to get out every now and then....