Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Little Guy

We were tagged forever ago by Lilly and Mamie to list 8 things about Grant and Claire. I'm not so sure about Claire yet, but here are some things about my little guy:
1. He loves his mommy's hair. It's almost weird he likes it sooo much. He loves to rub his face with it, and if I have my hair up (even driving in the car), he'll say, "Mom, take your hair down for me." Cracks me up!
2. He's my cuddlebug. He loves being close and cuddling. I know this won't last forever, so I eat it up now.
3. He remembers EVERYTHING! I kid you not. If we go somewhere one time, he remembers everything about it...random things and will bring them up later on. Except yesterday, he forgot where he hid his shoes or at least he wasn't up to telling me.
4. He loves music and dancing. He got a CD player for Christmas and plays it every night. He knows all the words to the songs on his CDs and sings them over and over. He also knows the songs to several Diana Ross and the Supremes songs because daddy didn't have any kid cds in his car, so that's what they listened to one day, and they stuck.
5. Sleep is not his friend. He fights it at all costs and has since the day he was born.
6. He loves the Doodlebops. I posted about this several months ago, and his interest had kind of tapered off for awhile. For some reason, all of the sudden it's back. That's the only show he wants to watch, and it's soooo annoying. They are coming to town in March, and we may have to take him.
7. As loud as he can be, he does not like loud places or people. He went to the playground at Chick-Fil-A and there were lots of kids being really loud, and he had no interest in playing. At Pump It Up last week, the music and the echo freaked him out. He's going through a scared stage and anything out of the ordinary gets to him. We went to the park a few weeks ago, and there was a little boy playing on the playground that had freckles, and Grant ran from him because he didn't know what they were. It doesn't matter what it is, anything he's not used to is freaking him out right now.
8. He loves to go. If we're in the house all day, he's ready to get out and go. He's my little shopper and loves to go to Target or "Wal-Mark" with me. He also does really well at the mall...thank the Lord!!
On another note, my little guy is really struggling with his new sister. He's a bit wild, and just different. Last night, he bit her finger hard. I thought he was kissing her hand until she started screaming and I saw teeth marks. Later on, he spit on her and hit her in the head. I don't know what to do with him. I hate to keep getting onto him, but we can't let him get away with that stuff. He's struggling with going to Nanny's every day because he knows I'm staying home. This morning, he threw a huge fit to stay here. I'm just not sure what to do to help him adjust. I've said he can stay home tomorrow. I know I'll regret that by 9 am. Andy has been taking him places by himself and we've been giving him so much more attention..playing with him more, etc. but he's still acting out. It's driving me crazy, but it also hurts me. I feel like he's hurting inside and I want to help him and don't know how. I'm anxious for this to pass!


  1. Hey Chesley,

    It's been great getting to know you through your blog. I went through alot of the same things when my children were small. Madison would have been perfectly fine as an only child. She done weird things, not physical, just out of the ordinary things when Grant was born. I told the pediatrican that either she was going to a psychiatrist or I was. (She once asked me what would happen if his head caught on fire?) I would love to say it gets better but there is still some degree of jealousy between them. I wish that I was blogging back then to capture all the things that she done!!

  2. Chesley,
    You have such a sweet little guy! I am sorry that he is having some trials and jealousy right now. I don't have any words of wisdom . . . I might be asking you for some advice in a few months if Lawton does the same thing! Hope it gets better!

  3. Kelli, I'm laughing out loud about your comment. I think if my Grant said that I'd never leave him alone again. I'm already concerned about leaving both of them at their babysitters. I'm hoping things really improve over the next 3 months or I'll be a basket case leaving them together with their 80 year old sitter. Yes, she's 80, but in better shape than me in alot of ways.

  4. It will be a roller coaster ride for several months. Anna is a sweet, kind, and gentle child. When Drew was born she became wild and very ROUGH!!!! I have learned that if I set aside at least 30 min. of her time ONLY she is much better. I don't know if this will help but its working for us. Please let me know if I can help in any way!!!

    Ps. Daddy time is not the same as mommy time. Andrew has tried so hard to give her more attention but she really wants my attention!!!


  5. cute list! it will pass (most of it :) lilly went through all of that--she bit, hit, pushed, and pinched mamie when she was really tiny. it was horrible. it lasted for a few months, actually--we had to watch her like crazy and she got lots of spankings...she would pretend to kiss mamie and then bite her--hard! i totally understand--it is so frustrating. i used to try to give her incentives/rewards if she could be nice to her sister all day long--we might get to play a game after mamie went to bed, or watch a movie together...whatever lilly wanted to do with me. now they are starting to play together so well. i think they are just testing the limits of what they can do with their new little sibling and don't know how to express the feelings of jealousy they are having. GOOD LUCK!!! and as for leaving them at the sitter's--he'll proably be much better there than he is for you--lilly always liked to show off for other people how she loved her sister and helped take care of her. moms get the brunt of all the bad behavior!