Monday, December 17, 2007


I am done with my Christmas Shopping...still waiting on a couple of things to arrive, but everything (except batteries) has been purchased! I guess batteries are pretty major, and I probably should get that done too, huh! Andy and I finished it on Friday night and Grant spent the evening with his "mammy." They made a paper chain so he could count down the days until Christmas. This is something we used to do as kids, but I'd totally forgotten about it until she brought it up. I guess it's been a long time since I didn't comprehend how long 8 days is. It's really helped him understand when exactly this day we keep talking about is. They also made Christmas cookies without cookie cutters and did a pretty good job considering. Apparently, she thought the cutters were in with the dough but found out otherwise when they opened it. I love sugar cookies with icing so it's been all I can do not to eat all of their creations!
I have wrapped everyone's presents but Grant's. This didn't take too long considering how much we cut back on Christmas this year, but still...wrapping with a 2 year old's help can be challenging. Now, the chore will be keeping everything wrapped.

The swelling is gone! Not sure what that was all about.. I had a little all the way through last Thursday, but none since. I am sooo thankful that it is gone, and hope that it doesn't rear it's ugly head (or foot in my case) again!

Baby Girl's going home outfit has been washed, not ironed, but couldn't someone else handle that if it came right down to it?! That bag I was meaning to get to this weekend did make it out of the closet. Unfortunately, nothing made it into it. I can't remember when I did all this stuff with Grant, but I had alot more time back then so I'm pretty sure it was done by now. Even though I am not anticipating an early delivery, I'd hate to have one and take nothing with me for the joyous event. I don't even think the batteries to the Handycam are charged! Maybe next weekend!

Pictures of Grant's room.. I have mentioned his big boy room several times, and that I intended to post pictures of it. I've been putting it off because I think I still may add a few things, but I haven't seen anything that I like in forever so I finally took some pictures. His bed is part of a collection that can be bunk beds (his bed being the bottom bunk) so it has little holes in the headboard and footboard that these pegs go in when you're not using it as bunk beds. They call them finials, but I've always thought of finials as something that actually sticks up. Anyway, they come out very easily and my precious son has already lost one of them. I had a bad mommy breakdown when it happened, and honestly, I still feel horrible about the way I (over)reacted to the situation. He remembers it too...which I hate, but maybe he won't do it again. I've literally taken everything out of his room trying to find this stupid peg to no avail. I finally broke down and we've asked the furniture store to see if they can get us another one (or two or three). In the meantime, the remaining "finials" have been glued into their holes since we have no intention of ever having bunk beds. You can't see it in the missing piece in the pictures; it just bugs me!

The letters that we waited on forever... they were worth it. I love them! the "G, A, and T" match his sheets and the "R and N" are the same pattern as his quilt. You can't tell how much detail they have on them from these pics, but they really are cute. The lady had them tied with bows when she sent them, but daddy was not a fan so we just tied knots. They were easier to hang like that anyway!

I'm thinking we need something over the headboard, but I haven't seen anything, so it's just blank for now. Love this bed... it has 4 big drawers underneath and 2 shelves for storing all sorts of toys. You would not be able to see his floor for all the toys without this.

The pic on the right is something Grant made for me at Mother's Day Out last year for Mother's Day with his hand print. I just love it. It has a really sweet poem on it. Disregard the "pile o toys" at the bottom of the bed. It really is somewhat organized.

Grant's chest of drawers and more toys! Can't wait to get rid of that diaper thing on top or at least put it somewhere else.
We had a great weekend and now the countdown is on.. to Christmas AND the baby. I told Andy over the weekend that I think I'm in denial about this baby. In some ways, I'm ready not to be pregnant (mainly just because I'm sooo sick of my maternity clothes and the way they fit), but I'm not sure that I'm ready to take care of another baby. I have been sleeping really well the past several nights, so I'm trying to enjoy it while I can. I just can't believe the time is already upon us. People keep reminding me that it could be any day now since 37 weeks is considered full term, but I don't feel any closer to delivery than I did a month ago so hopefully we've got at least another two weeks to enjoy Grant, Christmas, each other, AND sleep!! I guess she'll make her entry when she's ready though and there's nothing any of us can do to change that. I have a really hard time realizing that I seriously cannot control this. My doctor starting asking about induction last time about 2 weeks before my due date, but we really didn't consider it. I doubt she'll be offering that this time since it would be in the middle of her holidays too. I'm ok with that.. I think. I'd rather go into labor on my own. Although, I have no desire to feel any of the pain that I felt last time prior to my epidural. More power to anyone who wants to have a drug free birth, but that is not something I ever want to feel again! I didn't intend to feel so much last time.. it just kind of happened that way. I will get the epidural ASAP this time and try to enjoy the whole process a bit more without stadol which made me a loopy mess! I'm just rambling, so more later!

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  1. Wow! You have been busy! I absolutely LOVE Grant's room! It is precious and his furniture is gorgeous.