Saturday, December 8, 2007

I Spoke Too Soon!

Well, I posted a little prematurely on Thursday it seems. Shortly after getting home Thurs. night, the bug hit me! I spent all night Thursday night throwing up and all day Friday in the bed. It was no fun at all. I'm feeling better today, although food and I still are not friends. Grant's still not eating normally either, so I'm thinking it may take a few days to get my tummy back to normal. Now, we're just hoping that daddy doesn't come down with it too. We all know what babies men are when they're just a little sick, and this was way worse than being just a little sick!


  1. Sorry your not feeling well, but what can be worse is your two year old being sick. It just kills me to see either of ours sick. They just don't know what is going on sometime. That is funny about you talking about Andy being sick. That is a running joke in our house when I get a little sick. She says that I act like it is the end of the world!!!!!! Do we really?

  2. men are WEENIES about getting sick! i honestly would rather get sick myself than have to deal with jon when he's sick. sorry you got it, but i'll feel even sorrier for you if andy gets it.

  3. Hate that you got that stomach bug! Hope that you are feeling much better today!

    I hardly ever get sick, so when I do, I am the biggest baby.

  4. I hope you are better! It is so hard to be sick when you are pregnant and taking care of another little one!

    That "Snowman Poop" recipe name is hilarious!