Thursday, December 6, 2007

Little Boy Talk

Monday night our house was invaded by yet another stomach bug. It only affected Grant, but it was the sickest I think he's ever been, and I am soooo glad that it's gone! I had to sleep sitting up Monday night so that I could get to him before he got sick in my bed since I'm not too fast anymore from a laying down position. Anyway, he ran a fever all day Tuesday and we just vegged all day on the couch. Anyone who knows Grant knows that he is totally obsessed with my hair.. to the point that I think it's almost weird. I try to keep him out of it for the most part, but since he was sick I gave in. By Tuesday night, I felt like I had animals living in my hair and combing it was nearly impossible. I really hope he outgrows this obsession soon or we'll have to keep his sister's hair really short! It's nice that he doesn't have and never has had to have any "thing" or "lovie" to tote around with him, but what's awful is that his comfort thing is sooo my hair.

This morning, Grant is pretty much back to his old self. His appetite is still not what it normally is and he's got a bad cough, but as any good mom would, I sent him to school anyway:-) All joking aside, I don't think he's contagious or I wouldn't have sent him. Anyway, as I was getting him dressed this morning, he was talking about arms going in his shirt and legs going in his pants, etc. Then, he patted the chest part of his shirt and asked what went in there. I just said his body. He then said, "I got a little body, and Daddy got a big body." I kind of laughed, and just said, "yep." Then, he proceeded to say, "you got a big body too." I said, "yep, and a big belly." This is the best part... after that, he said, "you got a big one of these too." As he was doing this, he pointed to his bottom! Thanks, son.. just what the pregnant woman needed first thing in the morning! Not that I've ever been in denial about this fact, it's just funny that my 2 year old is already pointing it out to me. Usually, he just comments on the belly since it pretty much overshadows everything else right now. Sunday morning, he actually said, "Mom, you're belly is huge!" I'd never even heard him use the word huge. Ahhhhhh.. the expanding vocabulary is a blessing and a curse.


  1. That just made me laugh out loud!

    Glad that he is feeling much better and that you did not get sick too!

  2. i just laughed out loud too--the bottom comment is the funniest thing i have heard in a while! i LOVE what comes out of their mouths--wouldn't you love to get in their little head and see what goes on in there?