Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Family Affair

Ice cream, that is, specifically Sonic's Oreo Blast. I've shared my love for ice cream with oreos before here! Apparently, Grant and Claire also share my affection for this confection! I had planned to just share with Grant until little Miss let us know that she wanted in on the action. She is already LOVING her sweets! I can't believe I actually give the stuff to her, but it's amazing the things you'll give the 2nd one. I can't imagine what I'd do with the 3rd or 4th. However, it's not likely we'll ever find out! Claire gets really excited whenever she sees anyone eating. I've been giving her little tastes of just about everything, but it seems like the only things she actually swallows are the sweet ones..go figure!! Grant is the same way. Over the weekend, he wasn't feeling too hot, but he managed to get down banana pudding and chocolate cake back to back. For the record, I did not give him the cake! His daddy did while I was getting sister down for a nap. That boy would live on dessert, but then again, I think I've made the same statement about myself! I was really hoping they'd take after their daddy and not have my major sweet tooth, but that's virtually all they got in utero, so they didn't have much of a chance.
Speaking of things I could just eat up...look at this sweet face!


  1. Oh the things you do for the second. Trevor loves food too. He has my sweet tooth. I think you become more laid back the 2nd. time around. Trevor still has a passy but I don't care with Nolen I did. Life changes more the second time around than the first.....

  2. Claire has the most beautiful eyes!!! You can never have enough sweets!

  3. I absolutely love this picture of your daughter!