Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fun in Gatlinburg

Friday morning, we got up and went to work just like normal, only to head home around 11 to pack up for Gatlinburg. It was kind of last minute. We got there Friday night around 9 or so, and had a full weekend. Saturday, everyone but Claire and I spent the day at Splash Country. I just didn't think she (or I) would enjoy wrestling with one another all day. I knew she would want to get down and crawl around, and I think water parks are disgusting. I like to go, but don't want my baby crawling around in the "goo." So, she and I walked around Gatlinburg, went to a few places in Pigeon Forge, and swam at the condo.

Saturday, we spent all day at Dollywood. We closed the park down, and we were exhausted!! We all had a really good time. I even rode a roller coaster! I cannot remember the last time I did that. I think everyone got quite a laugh out of me screaming. I scream so I can't feel the pit in my stomach so much. I hate that feeling!

Since I didn't make it to Splash Country, there are no pics from Saturday, but here are some from our day at Dollywood:
Grant on the duckies. Claire rode these too, but she's looking another direction in every one of daddy's pictures!
This is how Claire really felt about Dollywood! No, really she was great all day long!
Everyone riding the River Rampage, even Grant. You can see his little orange hat sticking up.

Grant and his daddy. This was toward the very end of the day and the stroller was FULL of basketballs that had been won. Grant wouldn't/couldn't walk anymore, so this is how he was getting around. I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of that rented stroller full of basketballs.

Family pic..the Dollywood crew minus Nana and Papa

That was our first trip to Dollywood, but I'm sure not the last! Thanks Nana and Papa for the great weekend! We really enjoyed it!


  1. Loved the pictures! Isn't Dollywood the best? I never thought that I would say that, but it is perfect for the kids. It looks like you all had a great time together. That is really great that you all got to enjoy some family time away together! I'm wanting to take the kids back with my parents and then Jason and I will take Jack right before he turns 4 (just like we did with Joshua and Abby Kate).

  2. You know, I've never been to Dollywood!!?? Isn't that absurd? Now that I've seen your pictures - we are going {probably next year - ha!}

  3. how fun! you make me want to go! i haven't been to dollywood in probably 10 years! cute pictures!