Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just a Few More!

It seems all my posts are about pictures right now, but there's not a lot noteworthy going on around here lately. We got our disc this week from Krista, and there are literally over 500 pictures on it. I am SO overwhelmed. I can't post many just b/c I have NO time, but here a couple of cute ones and one family one, which may or may not be cute! Out of probably 250 family ones, there are very few that everyone is actually looking in the same direction and there are ZERO with all 4 of us smiling...ahhh the frustration! There are however a load of great pictures of Claire which was the main purpose. You may wonder what I do with all of these pictures, and the truth is almost nothing right now! I did have Grant pics all over the house, but we literally were out of wall space. So, to be fair I've parred his down to a few and left a few spaces for some of Claire. I can't wait to move to another house with more wall space (not that we have one picked out or anything) just so I can hang up all of my precious pictures!


  1. Soooo cute! I have to take Sophie to her right now! I love them all. Is it wrong that I'm worried for your safety in the train tracks one? I actually looked to see if a train was coming. Such a dork.

  2. Such great pictures! I don't know how in the world you are supposed to pick from so many!

  3. Hey this is Crig!!!awesome family pic!!!!!!!