Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More Pictures

I know y'all think I'm crazy, and I do too, but I just can't help myself. Truly it is an addiction! Krista has posted a few sneak peeks at some of Claire's pics from last week. She did smile bigger in some of them, but HERE are a few of my brown eyed girl.


  1. Love that one of that sweet baby on the vintage sofa!! Love it!! Do you mind if I post a picture of that sweet baby on the blog??

  2. There just aren't words to do it justice...those are some of the best pics. I've seen and now I want to take Sophie to her!!! Claire is a DOLL.

  3. Those are awesome Chesley! She is SO cute!!! I especially love the last one!

    I read your other post about Claire and she just sounds absolutely precious!

  4. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!! I love that you dressed her in brown to match her eyes! Precious!

  5. Hello!
    I found your blog through Kim. I have been reading some of your posts and I love the one about the picture obsession. The reason...I am a picture Fanatic as well! I do all the same things you do. I have used several different photographers and I check out other photographers in different states to check out poses/clothing etc... My husband thinks I am crazy and wasting my time. I am just glad I am not alone!
    Anyways...just thought I would share to let you know you are not alone.

  6. WOW! Sshe does a great job, but it doesnt hurt that she has a cutie pie to work with. The last pic is my fav. - love those eyes!