Thursday, October 9, 2008


I love treats..eating them and making them! I've kidded that if I didn't work, I'd weigh 900 lbs because I'd be trying out new recipes all of the time. I'm not all that great of a cook or baker, but I think it's fun and when you find something good, it's worth all of the failed recipes in between! Halloween is a fun treat centered day and I love trying all of the cute sweet ideas in my parenting magazines. I was really ambitious when I went to Kroger last week and I have the makings to fix up all kinds of things, but so far we've only made it through one. Meet our newest little green friend.. Frank. These are rice krispy treats covered with white (green) chocolate with chocolate sprinkle hair, gummy mouth, and M&M eyes and nose. He is extremely sweet, but pretty cute!

And here's the master decorator himself!

Grant also decorated another treat last weekend with Carrie. It's a haunted gingerbread house. I'd never seen one of these, but it turned out really cute. Getting him not to eat all of the candy as he decorates, is the really difficult part...that and keeping his little hands out of it now.

Last weekend one of Pook's cousins got married. Ella was one of the flower girls. She was precious. Grant yelled (literally), "Hi, Ella!" right as the ceremony began. At least he's good for a laugh. It was pretty embarrassing! Here is a picture of them after the wedding. Grant is being very solemn, but at least it's not a super silly face! Grant and Ella love each other so much! They're 4 months apart, and I'm so glad that they're so close.

And this is a picture of our munchkins doing the chicken dance at the reception. They were really getting down!


  1. Love all the baking! Lawton loves to help in the kitchen. . . we made cut out Halloween cookies the other day with sprinkles. I was tempted to buy the Halloween House kit at Wal-Mart the other day - you have inspired me to go do it! :)

  2. Those are cute! I always love looking at the pictures, but have never been one to try.