Monday, September 8, 2008

Mother's Day Out Starts, etc.

Grant started his 3rd year of Mother's Day Out today. He has really been looking forward to it this year, and he had a blast today. He didn't even care to tell me bye when I left. My how things change! When we went Sunday afternoon for the open house, he insisted that he would stay there "this day" instead of going home for the night. That's his little saying right now, instead of today, he always says "this day." I heard he was the first one asleep in his class, so Mrs. Tracee must have worn those kids out because that is so not the Grant I know! He's looking forward to another great year. I absolutely cannot believe that he could go to Pre-K after this year, not that he will....but he could. Last year, he sat so perfectly still and smiled so cute for his pictures, this year not so much. I was getting so ill, I almost gave up. I had to tell him to put his hands in his pockets so he wasn't messing with his backpack or pulling his shirt up..busy busy body!
Grant and Mrs. Tracee.

I had a crafty moment this weekend and made Claire something to hold her hairbows because they are piling up quickly. Her hair hangs straight down into her eyes if it's not pulled back, and it absolutely drives me crazy. I'm sure we will buy a bow to match every outfit from here on out!

This picture does not do this moment justice. This was last night after Grant's bath. He had on his hooded dog towel and was barking. You couldn't see his face at all, and Claire just started attacking him. She was crawling all over him and hitting him. I was laughing so hard at them both. Since his arms were safely inside his towel, I knew he wasn't hurting her, so I just let her go at him.
This is Claire in her new favorite spot - big brother's room. I was getting Grant ready this morning, and this is where she headed. This is where she ALWAYS crawls as soon as I put her down. She loves playing with all of his toys. She may seriously be the most destructive baby ever though. She goes from room to room pulling stuff out and leaving her mess behind.

Today is my mom's and one of my brother's birthday. We celebrated yesterday with lunch and ice cream cake - yummy! I have serious issues with sweets right now. Can you see Halloween Oreos? Orange creme is a reason to buy oreos right?!


  1. I enjoy reading your blog. Your kids are adorable. I found you on Sunny's blog. Maybe one day I will break down and do one myself. I am glad you have joined facebook, even though I use myspace more. Pamela is on there now as well. You should check it out. Talk to you soon.


  2. Grant is such a cutie!!! Isn't it wild looking back at the pictures from a year ago and seeing how much the kids have changed?

    I love your hair bow holder! I only wish that Abby Kate loved bows, but she doesn't. She is begging us to get her a hair cut. When I asked her how short she wanted her hair to be, she said like Joshua's????

    That picture of Claire "attacking" Grant is hilarious! I laughed out loud reading about it.

    Jackson does the same thing with Abby Kate's room! He loves playing with all of her "little" things. She insists on keeping her door closed at all times! Totally cracks me up!

  3. Cute bow holder! Grant has grown so much since last year! I'm sooo glad that school has started now, aren't you? :)

  4. Gotta Love School starting back....Love the pictures... Trevor always finds a way to get into Nolen's room...I guess Big Brother's Toys are so much cooler...The baby makes the biggest mess in our house too!!!!

  5. Do you really need an occasion to buy oreos??

  6. Mrs. Tracee looks oddly like an old FCS classmate. Tell her I said hello.