Friday, May 30, 2008

I've Been Tagged...

Amy has tagged me, but I am so not good at these things! I tag Jamie, Vanessa, and Kelly. Here goes nothin..

*Maybe I should…try and relax about the mess that my house has become.

*I love the smell of…clean laundry, baby lotion, fruity stuff.

*People would say that I…am anal, which is true in most respects.

*I don’t understand why…they can't just do things my way.

*When I wake up in the morning...I brush my teeth immediately!

*I lost my will power to…try not to eat dessert.

*Life is wonderful with…a healthy family and good friends.

*My past made me…a little short tempered.

*I get annoyed when…people drive or walk slowly right in front of me.

*Parties are much fun to attend as they are to plan.

*Dogs are…great when they belong to other people and stay out of my yard.

*Cats are...not something I ever plan to own.

*Tomorrow I am going to…hopefully get a little sun.

*I have a low tolerance for…lazy people.

*I’m totally terrified of…someone hurting me or my family and flying. These are the source of most of my nightmares.

*I wonder why I thought my life would be…easy, not that it's been especially difficult, but just living, in general, is not a piece of cake like I once thought.

*Never in my life…did I imagine that I'd enjoy cooking and gardening as much as I do. I'd love them even more if I actually had time to do them!

*High school was something that...thinking back was fun, but at the time I didn't think it was so great.

*When I’m nervous…my face turns red and I play with my hair.

*Take my advice…who am I to give advice?! Get an epidural..that's about all I've got!

*Making my bed is…something that I recently asked my husband to do in the mornings, even though I feel like I have to adjust it every time he does it, so it's the way I like it.

*I’m almost always…in the middle of some type of project.

*I’m addicted to…sugar and sometimes caffeine, but not right now!

*I want someone…to tell me how to get rid of crabgrass! Weed killers do not work!

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  1. cute list! i can relate to a lot of yours :)