Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Derby Days

This past weekend me, my mom, and the kids went to Louisville to celebrate the Kentucky Derby. We don't actually go to the race, but we go to my aunt's house for a big family party. We do a pot for all of the races and a couple of big ones for the Derby. It's always lots of fun, but we haven't been able to make it up in several years. This was the longest car ride Claire has ever been on. She did great on the way there, slept wonderfully the 2 nights we were there, and was great on the way home until we were about 45 minutes from home. She cried the entire last 45 minutes, but was fine as soon as she was out of the car.

To make the trip a little easier on all of us, I borrowed a friend's new Chrysler Town & Country van. Let me just say that I never thought I'd be in love with a minivan, but I think I'm there. Grant is too. He was hilarious talking about it. He loved watching his movies (mainly Doodlebops) and wearing the headphones. On the way home, he fell asleep with them on and started drooling. Mom went to wipe the drool with one of Claire's burp cloths and Grant (still asleep) grabbed it and put it over his head. You had to see him doing this to appreciate how funny it was. I was hurting I was laughing so hard. He kept adjusting it and he was totally out of it.

After we got home and traded back to our car, Grant got in and said, "Aww mom, this is the one without the TV." He then asked if we could go buy a van next week. I never thought an almost 3 year old could be that into a vehicle.

This picture is of the kids that were there. They are all mine and my first cousin's children. The two little girls on the right are twins and the middle boy with dark hair and girl in the green shirt are twins. We were missing my other cousin's twin girls and son, and another cousin's son. Yes, there are 3 sets of twins on that side of my family.. crazy! I'm just thankful that none of them belong to me!

This is Grant and my cousin's little girl, Camryn. She was Grant's pal all weekend. He followed her everywhere she went and he played with her hair too (go figure!). He's already asked when she can come to his house. They live in Ohio, so we don't see them very often. I think this was the first time he'd met her. Camryn's mom thinks she looks more like me than her.

This is Camryn's little brother Tyler. He was a bit of a surprise! He is only 3 weeks older than Claire. He cracked me up all weekend. He is very very vocal and moves like crazy. I thought Claire was vocal and loud, but in comparison, she's very quiet. They were funny looking at each other. Next time they see one another, they'll probably both be walking around everywhere.

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  1. I want a mini-van so bad but I can't get my hubby aboard that train....I never thought I would say that either but they make things so much easier...