Thursday, May 1, 2008


Grant loves this song! I haven't listened to all of the lyrics, so I have no idea if there are inappropriate parts. Pookie listens to 107.5 sometimes and when Grant has ridden with him, they've heard this song several times. In the process, he's learned a lot of the song. Pook and I swapped cars this morning so I could get the oil changed in the car today. When I turned the car on, this song was playing. Grant yelled, "Turn it loud, mom!" I did and he sang and sang.. so funny! He asked me to play it again a little later, and didn't understand that we don't have the Fergie CD. He is such a little music lover!

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  1. That is halarious!!! Nolen and Grant have the same taste because Jamie bought the CD after Nolen started singing it. His favorite part is the "OH BABE!!!!". He just sings along too.