Monday, June 2, 2008

The Klutz in Me!

Yes, this is my forehead, which is now glued and steri-stripped together. It could definitely be a lot worse, but I'm just embarrassed that I've even done this! Last night, Grant kept throwing his crayons on the floor. It's this new game he seems to play with all of his toys. He doesn't really play with them, he just throws everything on the floor, usually under or around the kitchen table. I had asked him to pick them up several times and he hadn't done it. I went and laid Claire down for bed and came back out and was going to pick them up myself. Well, I went to pick one up that was right beside the leg of our kitchen table, and apparently I failed to realize that my head was moving directly toward the corner of the table. So, I smacked it pretty hard right on the corner of the table. I fell backward and ended up sitting down on the arm of our loveseat where I then proceeded to pass out twice! I'm so glad that my mom was there. It scared poor Grant to death and it's given me a pretty major headache. The cut wasn't really staying closed very well on its own, so we took other measures this morning to hopefully minimize the scarring. I haven't looked really closely, but it's possible this scar will be right on top of the one from when I burnt myself really badly with the curling iron in say 7th know, when big bangs were the thing. Grant was supposed to have his pictures made next week and I was going to also get some of the 2 of us, so I guess we'll be rescheduling. Of all things to injure, it had to be right in the middle of my forehead!


  1. OUCH!!!

    I'm so sorry to hear about that! I can't believe that you passed out TWICE! So thankful that your mom was there to for you and Grant!

  2. OUCH! It is a good thing your mom was there!

  3. way to teach that kid a lesson about picking up his toys! ha! so sorry--that sounds like something i would do!

  4. Well the passing out continues. You did this as a little girl.
    Bless your heart and thank goodness for mom's right????
    Love, Ms. Cindy

  5. It doesn't look that bad! But the passing out is kinda scary. I'm glad you're okay.

    I enjoyed bunco, hope you are liking The Shack!