Tuesday, May 27, 2008

About My Little Guy

Sweet, sweet boy, I don't even know where to start! This past year has been one of new things for you. You moved out of our bed (finally!) and into a big boy bed. You made it through potty training and into big boy underwear, and perhaps, the biggest change is that you became a big brother. You also went to your first baseball game, first movie, first fishing trip, first ride in a convertible, first sleepover at Nana & Papa's, and of course, your first (and hopefully last) Doodlebops concert. I'm sure there are many more monumental events that happened in the last 12 months, but these are the ones that I remember the best. You have handled everything so well and continue to crack us up on a daily basis. You don't forget anything..seriously, which isn't always a good thing for me or daddy! We think you're incredibly smart and cute, though I'm sure we're a little partial!

I was so worried about how having a baby sister would rock your world. I was even a bit conflicted when I found out I was pregnant the second time just because I was having so much fun with you. I just didn't want you to feel like you were being replaced or forgotten. Now that your baby sister is here, you've turned into a wonderful big brother. I know that you two will not always get along, but you are already calling her "your Claire" so I know how much you love her already. Just last night you two had your first argument over toys. I've never heard a 4 1/2 month old yell at her older brother like this one did. You were so funny trying to talk her out of your toys. I'm so proud of the way you've adjusted to having someone else in your house and to sharing your mommy and daddy. You and daddy have really become big pals in the last few months. He is definitely a better playmate than I am. You two stay outside for hours on end or even stay gone all day just doing whatever together.

I could write a book about how much we love and enjoy Grant, but I'll spare everyone! He's such a fun little boy. I couldn't ask for anything else in a child. His party Saturday was a blast. He had a big turnout for his party, so I feel like I barely talked to any one person. Sorry if you were one of those I neglected...it was a little overwhelming! He held his party at the place he calls "the putt putt place." The kids played putt putt, ate pizza and cake, and played in the arcade. I hope that everyone had fun. Grant really enjoyed the party and he's loving all of his new goodies! He slept for 3 1/2 hours after the party and Claire took a really long nap too! We had friends in from out of town and Grant loved playing with them on Saturday night. Sunday, we spent most of the day swimming at Nana and Papa's and Grant took to the pool right away. I think we're going to sign him up for swimming lessons and see if we can get this fish swimming this year! Yesterday, I was so thankful for rain (even though we planned to swim) just so I could get some of his toys under control. Since we live in a small house, everything has to have a home. Otherwise, we're totally overrun with toys! I think we found a space for everything..keeping it there is the hard part. Grant had a wonderful birthday and it was a great weekend overall! Thanks to everyone who helped to make it special for him!

Pictures of all of the festivities:
This is how he started out the day.. pancakes with whipped cream!
Playing putt putt at the party!
Grant's birthday cake, it was a CARS theme.
They put his name on the sign outside.
This was in his car seat after the party - can you say exhausted?!
This is our friend's little girl and Grant at dinner on Saturday night. They had so much fun!
Miss Claire's first trip to the pool. This isn't her swimsuit though. Every time I even touched her feet to the water, she'd scream. I think we'll wait until the water warms up to try and really get her in.

This is a picture of Grant when we were at the pool Saturday. I just thought this was a sweet picture. I have lots of goofy ones before & after just trying to get one that was decent.


  1. Hi Chesley, Grant looks a lot like his dad! Your kids are adorable and your family looks so happy together!

  2. I loved what you wrote about Grant! I know that you guys are just so proud of him!

    Glad to hear that the party went well. He looks like a pro in the picture of him playing putt putt.

    I am right there with you on making sure that everything has a home. I don't feel at peace until everything is put away.

    Your children are just absolutely beautiful!

  3. I love you Grant. Ms. Cindy