Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend Fun

We had a pretty relaxing weekend, which is a rare at our house. Friday night, I played Bunco for the first time with the girls from our our Sunday School class. We did it to raise money for the family we're helping this year for Christmas. It was so much fun! Now, I know why all these women do it all of the time. I think I enjoyed the gummy bears, Skittles, and rum cake about as much as the dice, but what can I say.

Daddy actually got Grant to sleep all on his own before I got home that night. I'm not sure if he's ever done this before, so it was a nice treat. Although, I was secretly hoping he'd be awake so I could snuggle with him when I got home. Sometimes, I complain about having to lay in bed with him until he goes to sleep, but it's really one of my favorite times with him. He has his nights that are so much fun, but mostly it's a really sweet time together.

Saturday, Nana and Papa spent the day at our house watching football, eating, and then watching a movie. Mid-afternoon, someone made mention of Maggie Moo's and Grant just couldn't forget it. Nana and Papa offered to take Grant to get ice cream, and they took him in their Mustang convertible. I'm not sure that Grant knew what was happening as the top of the car rolled back. He'll want to ride with them from now on. They also let him get the blue ice cream (cotton candy flavor) that I never let him get because it sounds sooo horrible to me, so I'm sure he loved that.

Saturday night, Grant and I carved his pumpkins. He's been telling me that he was ready to put a face on his pumpkins, but I've been putting it off. All of the goop inside kind of grosses me out, and I'm no artist when it comes to this. If I'm doing something that I'm putting outside my house, I like it to look good, but this, well let's just say good isn't the word I'd use to describe them. We actually cut teeth in the larger pumpkin, but when I went to push out the mouth, all of the teeth broke off too. Oh well! Grant still loves them, only now he has to pick them up every time we go outside. Smashed pumpkin on our driveway is probably in the near future.

Yesterday, mom, Grant and I took a trip to Babies R Us to buy some things for baby girl.. actually to buy some things for other people to give me at a shower.. funny, huh?! I have to admit that I'd rather do it that way though, so I'm certainly not complaining. I didn't register there since the stores in our area are quite a hike, but there were a couple of items that I really wanted from there, so it all worked out. I'm so overwhelmed with the amount of baby stuff that there is, and how much of it is different from just 2 1/2 years ago. I'm also really in want/need of a double stroller, but dang those things are expensive. I know that Grant will be close to 3 when this baby is born, and lots of people keep saying let him walk, but you see he doesn't know that is an option. Ever since he was born, I've taken him walking at the park, to the mall, and anywhere else in his stroller. Because of this, he rides really, really well, and I actually enjoy shopping with him. Do I really want to ruin that over a couple hundred dollars?! I should think not!


  1. I won't a double stroller too but they are so high. Nolen still loves the stroller he wants to ride in it rather than walk. Every time I get it out for Trevor he wants in it. I just haven't bit the bullet and bought it. They have some really neat new ones at Babies R Us. If you decide to get one let me know how you like it.

  2. Your pumpkins are adorable. We already have two and will be getting a few more later this week at Tate's Farm. I don't think that Jason and I have ever carved a pumpkin, but were just talking about having to do it for the kids. They are so excited about Halloween.

    I HAD to get a double stroller a couple of years ago. Loved it and still do. My kids have never really been given the option of walking. (They like to be in different places all at once and I am only one person, so they must be contained). Ever since Jackson was born, I have used my double stroller twice. I have now decided that when I go anywhere with Abby Kate and Jackson together, that we will definitely use the double stroller (she likes to wander and linger). Both kids have done okay with holding on to the sides of the single stroller (so thrilled to get one of those), but it kind of scares me in the parking lots. I think that you would really enjoy a double stroller. I know that Target has some that are not as expensive. My friend recently bought the sit and stand stroller and loves it. It is perfect for kids over two that may want to sit or stand and there is a harness that keeps them inside at all times. I think that they are pretty reasonably priced. Sorry for all of the rambling.