Friday, October 5, 2007


This was the 1st fish of the night. Grant couldn't take his eyes off of it to look at me. It was really really small!

Last night we took Grant fishing for the first time. He and his daddy went and bought a fishing pole several weeks ago, and Grant has been practicing his casting every night in the backyard. He comes home, hops out of the car, and says I need my fishing pole. They stay outside just casting and reeling it in usually until dinner is ready or it's dark, whichever comes first. For the past few days, he's been saying that he wants to go fishing "in the water". Daddy decided that last night was the night.

Grant was so excited. We stopped and got some red jigglers (wigglers?) or something.... I just know they were worms to use for bait. We went to a boat dock not too far from home that has lots of flat bank where he could walk around. It was pretty deserted, which was perfect for us. There were lots of ducks and geese, and I think Grant was just as interested in those as he was the fish. He also really liked the worms. We all had a good time, and caught several fish. Actually daddy caught several little fish and momma caught the big one. That's right, I only caught one, but it was a bass and it was by far the biggest of the day. I got Andy to take a picture, but I think he was nervous or something and he was shaking, and the picture is just one big blur. I really need to teach this man how to hold a camera steady before our next child is born. It never fails that when I ask him to take a picture, it ends up being a blur : (!! I did get a picture of the first fish of the day and several of Grant casting and reeling his line in/out. I'm sure it will become one of daddy and his favorite things to do together. I'll just go every now and then to show them who the real pro is. The funny thing is the first thing Grant said to me this morning is, "mommy, you catch a big fish?" He knows who's the best!!

This is my favorite pic from the night... love those profiles!

I will say that fishing will probably not last more than an hour, at least for a little while. The little guy's interest in the fish turned to rocks, water, hooks in the tackle box, etc. shortly after the one hour mark, and it was more of a keep Grant away from everything job for me. (Daddy was still trying to get a bigger fish... to no avail!) Today, daddy is home sick with some sort of bug.. hopefully not from the fishing.

Grant fishing after dark!

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  1. Precious memories! I love watching the amazement on little ones faces when seeing/doing something for the first time. Looks like you guys had a perfect night for catching fish!