Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Leg Cramps

I keep getting these stinkin' leg cramps in my right calf in the middle of the night. I never had one with Grant and I'd only had one in my life before this pregnancy. They hurt sooo bad! It's like a contraction in my leg. What is up with these things? Any advice on how to prevent them? The only thing that seems to get rid of them is getting up and trying to walk/limp around for a little while. That's after it awakens me out of a dead sleep and I sit up screaming. I am still sleeping pretty well, but when I wake up, I have a hard time going back to sleep. These leg things are no exception. It takes FOREVER for my body to settle back down and go to sleep after one of these episodes! I love being pregnant for the most part, but these are just torture!


  1. I had leg cramps really badly with my 1st pregnancy. I always woke up screaming and Jason was great about stretching them out for me. I only had one leg cramp during my pregnancy with Jackson.

    While at the gym yesterday morning, my leg cramped and I thought I was going to die and really embarrass myself.

    Good luck with it! I've always heard that bananas were good.

  2. I feel your pain. I cramped with Nolen really bad and a little with Trevor. Try a sports drink. It Worked for me, it is also what they told me to drink when I went into preterm labor. Good Luck.